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.Warm Forest.

An adorable taela greets you, "Hello, I'm Yulifa!"

The flame marked taela wags her tail excitedly, "I'm a Taela and I just moved in here from home...this is my new home. Kinda empty here, but nearby there are some painted unicorn foals to play with! They're nice." ^^ "And Kila just came to live with me, she's nice. Shh don't be too loud she's sleeping."

Awwwe what an adorable little pup she is. And such a stunning shade of blue, surely she will be a very lovely Taela when she grows.

"Hey!" a small brown pup calls, to the traveler and Yulifa. He was crouched down low, his tail waving high in the air. He definitely looked like he wanted to play. "Play with me, Yulifa?"

Yulifa smiles, "Sure, Iava!" She bounces around low to the ground. Iava chases after her, trying to catch her gray tail. The two pups end up sprawling in a heap in front of a big grey and blue taela.

"Evening young ones." the big male greets them. "Greetings traveler. I am Zyith'dier, a King Taela." He is a very handsome male of grey and blue with black points. A minute later a similar female bounds over. Zyith'dier introduces her.

"This is my sister, Kavina."
There are more this0way.

All Taela are from Taela Forest