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Starcraft Maps

Rating System: 1: This is a really crappy map, You probably don't want to download it 2: This map hjas problems and is not a very good map, download it at your own risk 3: This map is average, while it's not the greatest, it's not the worst, you can have a fun game on this map 4: This map is pretty good, you can have a lot of fun on it and would like to have in your collection 5: Wow, these maps are a must in every persons collection, one of the rare games that you'll play over and over again

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Warcraft 3 Maps

Maps(sorry, Angelfire doesn't let you put pictures up o my knowledge)

(2)Garden of Pain-Rating: 2
[bw](2)River of Ice-Rating: 3
(3)Cays of Chaos-Rating: 3
(4)London Shopping Center-Rating: 3
(4)Temple of Old Glory-Rating: 4
(4)Vas Bercadanos-Rating: 2
(6)River of Tears-Rating: 3
(6)Satellite of Doom-Rating: 4
(7)The Forgotten Ashes-Rating: 3
(8)Islands of Despair-Rating: 5
(8)High Grounds of Torment-Rating: 5