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Hey everyone,

We all know what has happened in the Gulf Coast, especially in New Orleans. We've seen it on TV, in the papers, online, everywhere.

HOW TO HELP is the first thing on everyone's minds, I'm sure.

I wanted to let you know about some things that MySpace has been doing to help out.

Donations to the American Red Cross
Have you donated money yet? I made it easy for you to donate by putting up a banner right below your photo on your user homepage. Donate today (by clicking on the word) if you can, even if it's just a few dollars. Each dollar will go a long way when they're all added up!

The Red Cross reported in an email today that they have housed more than 142,000 survivors in 485 shelters in 18 states. They've served more than 3 million meals, and more than 5,600 Red Cross workers are working with volunteers to help.

But they need your help, too. Donate now!

The American Red Cross

Spread the word about
We've been running ads for in the states closest to the disaster area, but I wanted to tell you about the website in case you can help, need help or know people who need help.

The folks over at put up this website when they realized how many people are homeless, and in just a few days, people like you and me opened up their homes and offered more than 200,000 beds. This emergency drive connects empty beds with hurricane victims in need of housing. Anyone can post free housing offers (a spare room, extra bed, even a decent couch), then evacuees and aid workers can search for available housing online at Housing is most urgently needed within reasonable driving distance (about 300 miles) of the affected areas in the Southeast, especially New Orleans.

For more information, and to help, go to now!

Donate Housing :: Find Shelter

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