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hey i just made this site so its not really that great yet! im open to suggestions so if u have any just IM me at sweetstufz1304 and tell me your ideas!! some really good songs are: I Don't Want To Miss A Thing- aerosmith If It Makes You Happy- sheryl crow Hows It Going To Be- third eye blind Hands Down- dashboard confessional F*ck It- eamon U Got It Bad- usher With You- jessica simpson The Boys Of Summer- the ataris Toxic- Britney Spears Back At One- brian mcknight Too Lost In You- sugababes My Love Is Like...Wo- mya Wherever You Will Go- the calling Lose Yourself- eminem I'm Real (murder remix)- jlo f/ ja rule theres a lot more but i'll add them later some shout outs to my friends: *aubri::period pad on the wall!! lol!! *haley::all that food we snuck in to the movie theatre! that was hella funny!! "so thats when all the highscoolers come out!" lol! *rachel::omg that was so scary wen will was trying to get in! and the pitchfork! lol!! *melissa::dude your awesome i love having yearbook with you!! *melissa collins::i miss u so much sucks were not on the same team again! o well we prolly scrimage a lot! *kayla::omg im going to miss being on your team! you were like my best friend there! we will still hang out all the time! *michelle::i havnt seen u in such a long time! since last summer! omg! *ginger::we got somethin goin on.. lol *casey::o man our talks are so much fun *jay::i love you so much!! xoxo!! *sean::im gonna miss u next year! your so much fun to talk to!! all our uvula moments! lol! *markus parkus::dude your always there for me! :) *devilbiss:: trojan man!! lol!! alright well theres more but if i missed you tell me and i'll put you in!!!

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