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Baby Riley

This is a picture of Riley before we got her.

Riley before her ears stood up.

Riley when she was younger on my lap.

Riley in the sun when she was pretty young.

Riley and Vinny

This was taken when Riley was only about 3 pounds and quite young, she used to like to sleep up on people's shoulders.

Riley on the recliner.

Riley loves the sun so she will go wherever she can lay in it. In this picture she's laying on top of the recliner.

Riley and the laundry

Riley loves warm thing so whenever my mom comes upstairs w/a load of hot laundry Riley automatically goes and jumps in the basket and just lays in it hehe.

Riley blanket

Riley likes to curl up on blankets.

Riley and her football

Riley is obsessed w/her footballs, she goes balistic when she plays with them. She barks and growls and chases them around it's pretty comical.

Riley up the sweatpants leg.

These sweatpants were just out of the dryer so Riley found her way into them and crawled up the leg and stayed there hehe.

Riley and the sun

Riley is up on a chair in the kitchen on a pillow in the sun.

Riley under the recliner.

When Riley wants to hide, she goes under the recliner so we can't get her. Here she is chewing on some rawhide.

Riley and Vinny

This is Riley laying on Vinny's legs while he plays video games.

Riley and my Dad

My dad hates this picture of him lol But the other night Riley crawled up on his shoulder like she used to when she was really small, and layed there.

Riley, Vinny & the computer

This was taken the other day when Riley curled up on Vinny while he was using the computer.

Amanda & Riley

My Little Family

This is Vinny, Riley & I.

Riley and her halloween picture

Riley was a pumpkin for halloween.

Vinny and Riley Halloween Costume

Riley in her raincoat.

Riley in her Santa costume.

Riley in her winter coat and hat.

Riley in her angel costume.