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Amanda & Vinny Picture Gallery

This Gallery is of pictures of Vinny and I throughout the years.  We have been dating since December 26, 1999.  We got engaged on December 30, 2001.

Amanda and Vinny

This is one of the first pictures Vinny and I had taken of us when we first started going out on Dec. 26, 1999.

Amanda & Vinny

This also is another picture from when Vinny and I first started dating.

Amanda & Vinny Prom 2001

This is a picture of Vinny and I at my senior prom in 2001.

Amanda & Vinny prom 01

This is a picture at my house before my senior prom of Vinny and I.

Amanda & Vinny Prom 2001

This is a picture of Vinny and I from the march in part of the prom 2001.

Amanda & Vinny Graduation

Vinny and I went to different High Schools so we had our picture taken in our cap in gowns in my yard.

Amanda & Vinny Graduation

This is a picture of me posing with Vinny before his graduation.

Amanda & Vinny Senior Picture

Vinny and I had some senior pictures taken together. We also used this picture for our engagement announcement in the paper.

Amanda & Vinny Closeup

This is a picture we took of ourselves on a youth group trip.

Amanda & Vinny kiss

This is Vinny kissing me on the cheek

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