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Success on top of Aconcagua 6962m

Alone ontop at 3 pm, Friday 16th January 2004

Hello everyone,

Its Tuesday 20th January and I am back in Mendoza having successfully completing my mission to climb Aconcagua in Argentina alone and unsupported(No use of Mules to carry kit the 3 days or so to Base Camp, I was my own Mule, carrying all food, and equipment for the expedition). I arrived back here on the 18th, and have now managed to get all the photos I took with my new camera on Aconcagua onto a CD. I also took a disposable camera as a back up and have now developed them aswell, so happy they came out well. I am very happy that I managed to make it to the top in 10 days of entering the park. I will put my diary entries up soon, but first I thourght you may be interested in a few photos.

Come back later,


Photos on the way to Base Camp.

Photos upto the Needle.

Photos leading upto the Summit.

Photos from the Summit.

Photos of my Frostbitten Toes on their way to recovery.

Route up to camp 1 and beyond from Base camp, 4200m.

Bridge crossing and sunset from Base camp.

Sunsets at camp 2, weather very nice.

Arriving at camp 3, 5800m. Weather still very good.

The next day, photos of Before and after summit at camp 3, 5800m. Summit day was a 13hour day.

SUMMIT on top of the Americas, alone, 3pm, 16th January 04, 6962m in a storm, all white and about minus 30 degrees.

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