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23rd December 03 - 2nd January 04

Tuesday 23rd December 2003
Today was spent recovereing from the holiday and moisturising our radient skin. In the afternoon went into town with Silvi to buy her christmas presents. Had yet another 1/4 Kg of icecream. In the evening went to Nikos house with the parents of Silvi(Japoneese Family friends) for a birthday party celebration of one of the youngsters. Ate a meal with the family which was very nice.

Wednesday 24th December 2003
Today is Christmas Eve, Very different to that of England (I sence another long diary entry happening again). I took a lot of Photos and Video of this day. During the day I went with Silvis cousins to buy some fireworks for the evening, got a little carried away and spent 50 pesos (10 pounds) on fireworks. Well here they are very cheap and powerful. Here they celebrate christmas at midnight and gifts are then exchanged. Before midnight is the traditional Christmas family meal, silvis aunty, uncle and 2 cousins came round for the celebration and meal which consisted of SLICED COWS TOUNG marinaded in some stuff. So yet another thing to add to my exotic list, it is quite nice. There was other stuff. At 12 o´clock the christmas was toasted with cider and this is when all the fun beguins. All people then enter the streets to set off fireworks, bangers etc. All the neigbours has a good old natter while we let off our great disply of fireworks which was celebrated in traditional way by building a fire in the middle of the street preventing any traffic from passing. Crazy I know, but very funny. Here they have bangers that are round and fill your hand. When lit they have to be thrown very fast and far to prevent defness. After reentered the house after no injuries and exchanged gifts. Silvi and her parents were very very greatful for the DVD I had borght at the waterfalls. Silvi and Loreley gave me a bag full of goodies such as chocolates and sweets, a bottle of wine and they has also spent many hours I guess(?) making a book of "Adams memories in Argentina" comprising of a collage of pictures from and writing things that had happened in the various places I had visited. It was great and beautifully put together, and ment a lot to me. It was quite a late one before we all went to bed.

Thursday 25th December 2003
Today got up late after the party, was woken by the heat of the day entering the house at about 11am. Here in Argentina not a lot happens on Christmas day. The day was spent at the house of Loreley with all her brothers and sisters. We had a late lunch out in the garden as it was so hot, again 30 degrees. I telephoned home and spoke to all the family who were eating their christmas dinner at my Aunts house. So the phone was very rapidly passed round the table and I got to speak to everyone. Still tired from the night before we all had a bit of a lie down on the grass. I climbed the metal windmill pump in the garden that used to supply water from a well. In the evening watched a DVD with Silvi and loreley. The one with "Jim Carey acting as god" dont know the name in English. It was great for them because with a DVD whey were able to set the language to Spanish and subtitles to English. This is why a DVD is so useful here. All videos from the shops are American and with Subtitles. During the film I drank the bottle of wine the girls had got me for christmas.

Friday 26th December 2003
TO BE CONTINUED.......................

Saturday 27th December 2003
Scout meeting

Sunday 28th December 2003
My new Rubiks cube record- 2m 39s. Not that im bored or have spare time.

Monday 29thth December 2003

Tuesday 30th December 2003

Wednesday 31st December 2003

Thursday 1st January 2003

Friday 2nd December 2003
Head off to Mendoza