Heaveno! I'm God the Great Holy Spirit, Father Saint Michael Jesus the Archangel, Bishop of Spirits as Jesus Christ is the Bishop of Souls. I have created this webpage for identification of Satan's sons of darkness and their works and their organizations for the purpose of making total, take no prisoners, all's fair in war on their darkened kingdom in order to defeat that first homosexual devil and his queer devils and lesbian demons in memory of the first overwhelming victory we won against them when we cast them out of Heaven down to the Earth and into the Hell inside of the Earth. It will not be an easy battle as those devils and demons use abortion specially, atheism, vain philosophies, conspiracies, humanism, agnosticism, communism, nazism, elitism, Darwinism, racism, the temptations of the world, the flesh, their own wicked inventiveness, socialism, liberalism, leftist politics and groups, all of the false religions and false cults, witchcraft which is white and black magic, the love of money which is greed and selfishness, hatred of Jesus Christ and the Father Yahweh, Myself and the True Church and fellow men, perverted political, social and cultural brainwashing, war, poverty, ignorance, hunger, disease, dangerous drugs, organized crime, psychiatry and even unjust and now unnecessary with My invention of Heavenly Money taxation to steal from, to kill human angels and angelas and destroy their personalities,their family lives and their immortal souls. Whereas we have already vanquished Satan/Lucifer and his followers once in the first battle against them in Heaven, be it known now to the whole world through this webpage and the others on this website that I hereby declare in the Names of the Father, the Son, and Myself total war against the devil and all of his queer and lesbian legions and against all of their impotent weapons of carnal war against the Sons of Light whom I lead against the sons of darkness and ignorance blinded by their own gay pride and rebellious natures that continually seduce them into worshiping evil deeds and evil thoughts without possibility of repentance and salvation. Therefore let us unite in prayer often, and let this be our battle cry: To Hell with Satan and all of his impotent legions!!!

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Queers And Lezzies Go To Hell
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Totalitarian New World Order(NWO)
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