~* Too late *~
by Da CaKe!

"A tear falls forever inside a broken heart..."


Stairs on the stormy night
And wandered across the hal
Until she found those marvellous pills
That would break down despair walls
She looked to make sure that these were the ones
That would cause her permanent sleep
Then back up the stairs she went to her room
To sit on her bed and weep

Without thinking twice she swallowed them all
Then lay on her bed to wait
Suddenly memories flashed through her mind
But she knew that it was too late

Visions came of her laughing best friend
Who had been with her through the it all
Then her relatives comforting words
As they helped her up from her fall

Next she thought of how she was loved
And of the better times ahead
She realized her life was worth living
But it was too late... She was already dead.

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