Rainbow ChicK !*~

HeLLoOoOoO eVeRyOnE!! WeLcoME To a SpeCiaL PaRt oF my SiTe... DiFFeRenT FroM aLL The ReSt of my SitE is ThiS a MoRe CoLouRFuL PaRt. YeaH , WheN I am In My HaPpY MooD I juSt LoVe All ThoSe CoLouRs and FunKy ThiNgS... Hehe , GeT To KnoW My ALteR EgOoOoOoOoooo...

Don'T MiNd CaLLin' Me RaiNboW ChiCk. LoLs... YeaH SoMetiMes My @LteR eGo TaKeS OveR and My HapPy HappY SiDe CoMesss Up! So Let My IntRoduCe MySeLf... EnJoy and Don't LeT Me TaKe OveR You !Be WaRe it Is ConTageOus hahaha !

NAME: NaThaLie
NICKS: ~*°RainBoW ChiCk°*~
B-DAY: october 27 , 1985
ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: ==>scorpio<==
FAMILY: Lydia :StiLL The SaMe Mammy And Daddy AnD BiG bRo

*CliCk* here to see him!

HAIR COLOR: ~**CuRLy BloNde**~
EYE COLOR: RaiNboW MiX hahah GreeN Blue OranGE..
HEIGHT: 1.68 m StiLL SweeT PetiTe...
WEIGHT :AaAaAh , WhaT a Q To AsK a WoMAn !
HOME: merksem (Antwerp)
COLLECTS: *°[^JeWeLLeRy , CLoTheS , ColOurFuL StuFF...^]°*
PETS:a cat : HeLLo kitty (HahA)
TATTOO: at my lower-back. A sort of wings...

[^ MY FAVOURITE.... ^]

MUSIC: R&B , hip hop , rap , slow jams, some AlTernAtiVE
SONG: CreeD ===> 6 feet FroM the Edge
FOOD(S):CanDy , SweeTs , LoLLyPoPs , SheWinG guM
DESSERT: Ice-Cream
ARTIST(S): ChRistiNa AguiLerA and AaLiYah
ROLE MODEL : Gisèle Bundchen, Angelina Jolie
NUMBER : ...::: 7 :::...NeVer GoNNa ChanGe

ACTORS male: Josh Hartnett
, Vin Diesel,
MOVIE : 8 MiLe
ACTORS female : Angelina Jolie , Cameron diaz
BOOK : Stille Strijd (Dirk Bracke)
SPORTS : korfball, jogging, fitness and going out (the most important sport of all!)
SCHOOL SUBJECTS : all the languages (french , spanish , dutch , english except german)
QUOTE : <<<< Be OriGinAl , Be YouRself !!!!!!! >>>>

~*°DiaMonD VoDKa ReD°*~
..:::MartiNi FieRo:::..
*! BaiLeY'S !*

TV SHOW : Gilmore girls , Jack and Jill , 2 guys and a girl
PARFUME : Bruno banani ; Hugo boss red , Versace , CK (eternity an truth) , DKNY , ralph lauren etc....
PHONE : Nokia
COUNTRY : Turkey
MAGAZINE :fashion magazines (starstyle ; cosmopolitan ; glossy ; beau monde ; elle ...)
CLOTHES, STORES : FiSh aNd ShiPs , LoiS , FunKy Fish , BlUe TonE , MaNgO , BershKa , MorGan...

Hehehe , HoPe You enjoYed it a BiT!
GoNNa MakE WorK Of it (ThiS Page)
So , ComE BacK LAter FoR moRe.

Okay , so today I decided to make an

...:::: LiTTLe DiaRy oF Me :::::.....

26th March 2003 =====> FreaKy FreaKy FreaKy ! I ThiNk My ALteR eGo iS TaKin' OvEr FoR a WhiLe...

Okay okay listen... Yesterdah I went shopping and nooooo

See what Care Bear you are.