## Da YuMMiLiCiouS PiCtuReS ##

Some pics. The most are from this summer in Turkey...You can see that I've had a great time !! LoL . Okay , I ain't gonna keep u busy , so go on , look at the PICS . *WINK* owowow ; almost 4GoT to Say that 2Morrow there gonna be new ones aight ??? Take Care Oka ?

This is me and one of my best friends of Turkey Evrim . She's reallyyyyyyy great and friendly. She works in the hotel where I have been , and gonna see her next summer !! Love you evrim !!

This is me !

~*~ VoTe FoR Me !!! ~*~

**** Me & the BiGGeSt man in the world ****
Here I am , standing next to the BIGGEST man of the world. He is from Turkey and I dunno the exact size , but i think about 2m38 or even taller !!!! He stayed in our hotel when I was there too , so I took the chance to take a pic of him! Really nice pic and a great memory ... LoL

~*! Me and my friends of watersports !*~

This was taken with all the people of watersports.
Even when we took the pic we had a great time , and fun ! It was really nice to meet them and I hope they will all be there next year cos I will be there again!!
I miss u all! xxx PS : there might be sumethin' wrong with the DaMn PiC , gonna fix it soon aight ?

This is a very good friend of me . His name is Bugra (aka Spin) and he's smiling all the time. He is G.R.E.A.T !! Ps : Still wearing your earring !!! xXx The girl right next to him is Gözde. She's really beautiful and friendly. I miss her too. XXXXX

this is a very good friend of me. her name is Begüm. She lives in Istanbul-Turkey. I met her 2 years ago when i was in the same hotel of this year and we still keep contact. xxx

Me , evrim , seniz and Deniz...

okay okay , this I gotta tell!! I was asked to come with a few others to do a photo shoot for the catalogue of the hotel. I said okay and they took pics in the jacuzzi , fitness , massage... I felt sleepyyyy.... But it was funny to see yourself hanging on the messageboard of the hotel !

This was the Dj of the hotel in August and he became a good friend of me ! He stands in the pic with his girlfriend Virginie. She also lives in belgium but speaks french.

this is me and katja , a girl I met in august. She lives in belgium. She is really funny and nice.!!

> This is Britt. She also plays korfball just like me , she's very nice and she has become quite a good friend of me!! Byeeee ****

This is me again !!

o oh !! the end of the page !!! No more pics !? There will come new if I have !! promise ! XXX ki$$ie

~*~ VoTe FoR Me !!! ~*~