~ Wedding of one of the best friends there are ! ~
~*! Aaliyah's Photo Gallery 1 !*~

I still remember the first time I met her. The first day of school. There she was, always said what she thought. We became friends , sat in the same class. Sat next to eachother EVERY year. We did everything together and we helped eachother a lot.
There were many times she stood up for me , comforted me when I was sad...
we had a great time together in school.
she was a very smart and beautiful girl AND she was SOOOOO funny in class. We laughed many times!!!
One day , she meets a boy, they fall in love.... with regret from me she changes class and has to go to another school , I cried a lot and I still miss her ! She marries with her boyfriend when she is 16 and I am invited. This was the most beautiful and special wedding I have ever seen. Partly due to our other culture... I loved it and I really cried when I saw that little girl again who I first met at school that grew up to a woman who now lives alone with her husband.

next year she will give birth to a baby!

Me in Turkey with friends me in school with friends

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