~* MoM *~
by Da CaKe!

"Don't rely on the past to create the future, rely on the future to erase the past."


Mom, I wish that I could tell you
the things I need to say
but I'm ashamed of the choice I made
the things I did that day
and Mom, I know you love me
but I know you'll lose all pride
if you found out what I did
Mom, I'm sorry that I lied
I figured since I'm growing up
I'd know just what to do
but Mom, I went ahead and messed up
didn't listen to you
so what if I am older?
I still need you around
and if you did find out
I know you would have frowned
I'm not so old that I know
What decisions I should make
Making if I think about things
my answers wouldn't all be fake
well sure, I'm growing up
but you were right when you said
I'll never go without a moment
when your words won't fill my head
and I may not be a baby
but I really do need you
because every word you ever spoke
were words so very true.

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