~* Messed up *~
By myself

"A tear falls forever inside a broken heart..."

*Messed Up*

My mind is messed up...
Broken inside and trying to smile
while I'm falling apart...
I don't know what I am doin'
and why I'm still here
This place doesn't want me ,
or does it ?
As time goes by , I keep on fallin'
All messed up , pain inside,
but still trying to keep me strong outside.
Afraid of questions...afraid of...of what ?
Every day I'm afraid
Then there comes a time
when there's no place anymore for pain
because I am full
Afraid to show it to someone,
trying to keep it all inside
no place to throw it all away !

There come the tears
It's all right ....
let the pain flows away
away with the tears
running over your face
I know....I am all....

messed up....

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