~*°Fairies °*~
by Da CaKe!

"Tears may be forgotten, but hurt stays in the heart."


Beautiful day, glorious sight,
What comes in the day, vanished by night.
Comes unexpected and shimmers with gracee.
has delicate features, a soft subtle face,
Winged sprite creatures, some stay and some go,
Some soar past hillsides blaze atop snow
Kisses the clouds, hugs the trees.
Loves Mother Nature all that she sees,
Sits on the hills, plays in the sands.
Flutters past humans and touches their hands.
Blow on their faces with each gentle wind.
Sings the song of lost, lonely kind.
Then and arrow of light shoots from the sky
Stirs the birds and makes them fly.
Sleepy as ever the birds start to sing.
For all at once, I know its meaning.
In an old house a golden head does sleep.
Forever and a day while grieving parents weep.
Oblivious that the gods brought another sunny day.
They're far too sad that their child's gone away.
Lost in the night, turned silver by moon.
The little girl has vanished, her death has come too soon.
The angel-like fairies take care of her now.
She's learned to like life after death, the fairies showed her how.
She is now allowed to take a small view,
Of her friends and her family, a life she once knew.
She'll always be remembered and in time will be
A fairy to return to earth to protect her family.

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