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"When you’re seventeen years old, green and inexperienced, you’re grateful for any guidance and direction you can get." C-A


I've waited a long time for this It feels right now Allow me to introduce myself I want you to come a little closer I'd like you to get to know me a little bit better Meet the real me Sorry you can't define me Sorry I break the mold Sorry that I speak my mind Sorry don't do what I'm told Sorry if I don't fake it Sorry I come too real I will never hide what I really feel Huh, so here it is No hype, no gloss, no pretense Just me Stripped...

Latest update : 05/04/2004

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Finally the questions will be answered hehehe ;-))

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this page is dedicated to my turkish friends. Ow it's normal you can't read it , it's written in Turkish. No , I don't speak turkish (I will learn it but that will be for later) but I did it with the help of a sweet girl "SEYDA".

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of me and friends. Pics say more than a thousand words put together...

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These are taken with my webcam. You probably have already seen them on other pages but I don't think that will cause any probs...

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I was bored so I took a few piCs !

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I dedicate this page to the fans of Aaliyah...

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Westside 'til we die ! 2pac 4eva. R.I.P

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