~* Confused *~
by Da CaKe!

"Change your priorities and you will change your choices. Change your choices and you will change your life."


I flopped down on my bed, turned the radio up to loud,
I'd break down and cry, but I'm just too proud.
Proud of being strong, never broken by words.
But sometimes I wish I could take off and fly like the birds.
It's not a bad day, but a bad life I've had.
I refuse to live my life like this, always being sad.
So take me from this, my sorrow and my pain,
I have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.
I'll only sit and wait for a bit more of the day.
I can't just waste all my time letting life slip away.
I think of my friends, what they'd do if I was gone.
I doubt they'd be sad, quickly they'd move on.
So now I have a mission, a plan to put in place.
I have to make them love me, no matter what I have to face.
I want them to think of me often, I'll prove to them I care.
I want them to remember me, but to do this I had to be there.
So I'll live a little longer to do what I must.
Then I can die happy with perfect love and trust.

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