..::: Castle Of My Heart :::..

Castle of the city,
Castle of my heart.
Beautiful, sparkling, & gold,
A story never told.
Standing tall & proud,
Magestic mystery.
Power above all,
Mighty with your call.
Your voice is like an angel's
Sweet call upon the light.
Your presence comes with a high,
And brings tears to my eye.
One out of a million,
A rare jewel that I've received.
You tower above the oceans,
You sparkle like the sea.
Beautiful blue eyes,
Wonderful hair of blonde,
The apple of my eye,
You make me weak inside.
Window to your heart,
And I, of all people,
Have finally found the way,
To find what you tried to say.
Castle of the clouds,
Castle of the world.
You are more perfect than the heavens,
More wonderful than gold.
A perfect endless story,
Of our love untold.
A hope above a dream,
A love waiting to be seen.
Filled with such emotion,
I carry your love potion.
And I, upon your tower,
Am lifted up with praise.
You cherished close, my heart,
A mystery never falling apart.
And I, am gazing at you,
Ever so endlessly.
Flying high and flying free,
With my heart drawn safe to thee.
Castle of the city,
Castle of my heart,
Beautiful, sparkling, and gold,
A story all my own.

..::: by Barry Mees pecialy for *me*:::..