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Teaching Islam:

The Principal Basis of Islamic teachings is that collection of the regulations and code of life which for the guidance and teaching of mankind Allah ta’ala has revealed to Khatum-un-Nabe’in Hazrat Muhammed (PBUH). There are two branches of this collection of the regulations, one is the Belief and other the Action. Belief is related to man’s heart and mind and belief in seven things is called Faith.

Faith (Belief)

  • Belief in Allah

  • Belief in Angels

  • Belief in Scriptures

  • Belief in Messengers

  • Belief in A’khrat

  • Belief in Fate

  • Belief in the revival after death on the Day of Judgement

    1.Belief in Allah:
    It is to believe that Allah is present. He is the Creator of universe, The Wise, and runs this universe. He is the One, and none is His partner. And He has excellent attributes. He is free from every defect, and is flawless.

    The first and fundamental principle of Islamic way of life is Oneness of God. It means that the creator and sovereign of this universe is Allah. He has no rival. He is the creator of all objects and He is not dependent on any one. Every Muslim must acknowledge the Oneness of Allah and His supreme sovereignty and must follow His orders.

    When a Muslim accepts the Oneness of God and believes Him to be the creator and the Master of universe, he is bound to lead his life within the limits and principles prescribed by Allah and worship Him only. It also means that in the eyes of a Muslim all human beings are equal and there is no distinction based on race or color. The dictates of Allah have been imposed on all human beings. The rich or the poor, all are equal before law. A virtuous and pious man has a precedence over others before Allah.

    2. Belief in Angels:
    This is to believe that angles are present. Their body is supernatural-serene. They do not disobey any command of Allah. What ever work is assigned to them, they perform it. The four main Leaders of the Angles are

    Hazrat Jibrieel - The messenger to Prophets, his job was taking the revelation of Allah to them.
    Hazrat Meekaeel - The angle of rains and food to the creatures of Allah.
    Hazrat Izraeel - The angle of death. Allah has given him the job to
    Hazrat Israfeel - The angle to destroy the world on the dooms day.

    3. Belief in Scriptures:
    It is to believe that the books of Allah revealed for the guidance of mankind are true. There are four main revelations of Allah on which we should believe.

    1. Taurait Revealed on Hazrat Dawood (ASM)
    2. Zubuur Revealed on Hazrat Moosa (ASM)
    3. Injeel Revealed on Hazrat Eesa (ASM)
    4. The Holy Quraan Revealed on Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH)

    4. Belief in Messengers:

    It is to believe that the messengers that Allah sent in different areas and ages for the guidance and benefit of his creation are all true. The Holy prophet PBUH repeated again was the belief in Messengers. Allah sent Messengers and Prophets in every nation in every age so that the message of guidance might reach them to show the right path o f religion. Makkan Arabs had forgotten the concept of prophecy and prophet hood. They mostly treated on those olders who were the partners of big idols: Lat, Manaat, and Uzza. Those olders had fabricated strange stories about the idols. People mostly believe them and made fun of the Holy prophet PBUH and even of those who had already passed away. They neither believed in Christ, nor the Holy Prophet PBUH. They were proud of this misconception that they were the best in the world. Christians had gone astray by believing Christ the Son of God.

    In short they were ignorant of this fact that Allah by his grace and mercy had sent those Prophets from their own selves, for their guidance, and to enlighten their hearts with the light of faith. They taught goodness and forbade them from evils. All these elders (messengers) are equally reverend for us. Denial of any one of these is denial of all. The holy prophet PBUH has specially explained three things of prophet hood.

    The prophets of God are the source of guidance and teaching. It is the blessing of Allah that as He has provided all sorts of things for life, so he managed for the spiritual guidance of man.

    Though the prophets were superior in their religious and intellectual skills to the mankind, yet they were all human beings. It means that non was the Son of Allah. All were the blessed one and proud of their devotion to Allah.

    Without any distinction it is essential to believe in them with respect, as all of these were the messengers of Allah.

    With this aspects of learning and teaching the Holy Prophet on one side refined the concept of Prophet hood and made it fully cleared and on the other side, directed them to believe in all the Prophets and removed the evils of the prejudices which had divided the mankind in to many compartments.

    5.Belief in A’khrat:
    It is to believe that the Day of judgement will come. After death all will be revived. Every person will have to justify his deeds. The destiny of Muslims will be paradise and of Kafirs hell. The guiding point of the life the Holy Prophet emphasized repeatedly in the Holy Quran, is the belief in A’khrat. The point is that the concept of A’khrat of other religious was not clear, and second there was a lot of people in Arab who totally did not believe in A’khrat. So whenever the Holy Prophet PBUH told them that they would be brought before Allah for interrogation, they became stunned, and in surprise they asked how could it be possible that rotten bones would be alive again. The third reason to believe in A’khrat is that with out knowing it, neither the value of life can be guessed correctly nor the sense of responsibility is born in hearts.

    The holy prophet PBUH told them that life did not finish with the death in this world but would get a new form after death. The life depends upon our faith and righteousness of our action. If faith is true and life is spent according to the code of Allah then there will be such a reward of life which will never come to an end. If infidelity takes the place of faith, and bad deeds greed and evil become the part of character, then there will be a punishment. Islamic teachings have put an emphasis on this point that on the Last Day of Judgment, people will have to justify there every act to Allah. Therefor what ever the plan you make or what ever the way you adapt, you will be conscious of what will be the end of it in A’khrat.

    The other benefits of belief in A’khrat are:

    It creates of a sense of responsibility and pity in life

    It eliminates the feelings of disappointment that life is limited; and with death finishes everything.

    6. Belief in fate:
    It is to believe that Allah knows everything from the very beginning and is master of everything; and every good or bad is from Him.

    7. Belief in the revival after death on the day of judgement:

    These beliefs are acknowledged in these words

    " I believe in Allah, His angles, his scriptures, and his messengers and the Last Day: and that every good or bad is in his knowledge and command, and to be revived after death."