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The Life of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

In the year 571 A.D. the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was born in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. While still very young, Muhammad had lots of very heart-breaking shocks. Abdullah, his father, died before Muhammad was born, and his mother Aminah died when Muhammad was only six years old. His grandfather Abdul-Muttalib then looked after Muhammad, but he died when Muhammad was only eight. From then on, Muhammad was looked after by one of his uncles, Abu Talib.

When Muhammad grew older, he was a very kind, good boy and very thoughtful. While still a boy, he was a shepherd. While he tended the sheep, he thought about the people of Makkah where he lived.

The people of Makkah at that time had lots of bad habits. They forgot Allah and had started to worship idols instead. Muhammad felt sorry for them. He thought of ways to make people give up their bad habits and stop them from worshipping idols. He also wanted them to be good.

As time passed, Muhammad used to go to a cave called Hira in Mount Nur. There he would think hard and could be alone. One day when Muhammad was in his cave, Angel Jibra'il appeared to him. The angel told Muhammad to read, but Muhammad replied, "I am not a reader." The angel squeezed him and told him again to read. Muhammad said again, "But I am not a reader." The angel squeezed him harder. Then he released Muhammad and told him to read once more. Muhammad was squeezed a third time, still harder. This time when the angel released him, he said to Muhammad, "Read in the Name of your Lord Who created!" Muhammad was given the message from Allah that he was to be a prophet from that time onwards. This happened in the year 610 A.D. when Muhammad was 40 years old.

One day it was very cold out and a man made a fire to keep warm. But there were ants nearby. The Prophet Muhammad saw the fire and the ants. He was disturbed to see the ants in danger. He asked the man to put out the fire and the man did as he was told. The man knew why the Prophet wanted to put out the fire. The Prophet said to him, "You'll be rewarded by Allah for your acts of kindness towards His living creatures.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) also made the Makkans who worshipped idols think again and return to the worship of Allah alone.

The Prophet, the great leader and the last messenger of Allah lived for 63 years. He died in Medina in the year 632 A.D. He left us the Qur'an for our guidance.