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What is YM?


Here’s an overview…


We all know the grave situation of the Ummah in our time. Our Muslim brothers and sisters are being oppressed and persecuted all over the world. Muslims
are well in number, but weak in every aspect of life. We learn from the Qur’an that we must make Islam the dominant deen (in every aspect of life). This
goal seems very far away from reality at this point. The Muslims must work for this goal.
The way in which we work cannot be random and haphazardly chosen. We must look to the Qur’an and Sunnah for the answer. When we study the life of the Prophet (SAW), we can pick out key elements that gave the companions the ability to change the situation of the Ummah, and
hold and carry the light (nur) of Islam to the rest of the world. We can clearly see that for the results that the Prophet (SAW) and the companions achieved, there was
special training that had to be done. For many years in Makkah, the Prophet (SAW) spent time with his companions, teaching them, getting them prepared, training the mind, body and soul for the hardships and situations they were going to face. A lot of this training happened at the House of al-Arqam b. Abi al-Arqam. This house was more than just a meeting place, it was a sort of school out of which the best students (the Sahabah) graduated.
Young Muslims is trying to follow this example, and trying to produce movement oriented Muslims who are sharp in their thinking, and quick to decipher between right and wrong, Islam and anything else. Sometimes the people who we deal with are not even close to a starting point for this type of training. For this reason there are a lot of activities that we provide, in order for them to first be in a Muslim environment, and second for them to start to think about Islam, and this usually leads to the starting point.
There are other organizations (may Allah bless them and their work) that provide youth with activities. Young Muslims goes beyond that because we don’t see the activity as an end in itself. Our goal is not to keep the youth busy and out of trouble. Although this usually one of the results of the Muslims that get involved with us, this is not our goal. Even in our activities, we have our goals in mind, inshallah, which is to train the
youth to carry on the work which is necessary to revive the Muslim Ummah and make Islam the dominant deen.
The most basic part of YM is the Neighbor Net.  This is a halaqah type gathering where the brothers meet up, wherever they feel comfortable, and talk about their problems, find answers through Islam, generally learn about Islam, or just enjoy a Muslim atmosphere. It is the core of YM. This is where the Personal Development Program (PDP) is implemented. This is a syllabus of topics which range from very basic Islam to History and building of personality. The PDP comes with a list of suggested books and also surahs and ayahs which can be of help. This is where a member of YM gets the basic knowledge he needs, and builds the proper thinking and mindset in order to carry out the work which is necessary for the Ummah.
As a part of YM, you are not just a small group, but a part of a national level struggle. YM is a division of ICNA (the youth wing). Besides that, we are growing in places like New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Florida, Chicago, California, and other places that we are expanding to. There is a very defined structure to YM as an organization. We also hold many conferences and other meetings so that the members can meet other brothers and get a feeling of what they are a part of and the situation in other parts of the nation. For instance, there is a national Summer Camp, which is a week long, and there are lectures from scholars and interactive activities so as to help us get to know different brothers, the result is usually, inshallah, great brotherhood between the brothers.
Well, this is just an overview of Young Muslims.  If you have any questions, comments, concerns about our goals or how we plan on working, or how you can get involved, contact us at