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{Name} Amanda
{DoB} March 3rd
{Color} Green! w00tie w00t!!
{Animal} COWS! (also llamas and hippos)
{Food} ne kinda junkfood (but no corn....ugh)
{Actor} Heath Ledger, Pauly Shore & Harrison Ford
{Actress} Sandra Bullock
{Music} ne thang but rap! =P

Nicknames: Manda the Panda, Funk Master E, Blondie (only by Shelby, though), Bo, Chuck, Melian, Gonzo, Mandy, Himeko-chan, Rory, Eckie, Mandaz, Manders.

Hobbies: Messin with PPLs heads, Chillaxin With my Friends, Listening to Music, Movies, Shopping, and Sleeping : )

Now ya know about me, go get back 2 my page (Hark! Canst Thou Hearest The Tinttinabulations??!!)

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