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Workers International Vanguard League[WIVL] is a Marxist group based in South Africa. We were formed in 1996 but were part of the Workers International to rebuild the Fourth International, since 1991. Before this we existed as a group called Trotskyist Revolutionaries. We began attempts to build a Marxist group from 1985. We operated underground until the 1994 General elections. We believe that the root cause of the widespread misery, poverty, starvation and wars in the world today is that the wealth of the world is in the hands of a small group of exploiters, while the working class has nothing. In short the root of the above problems is the system of capitalism. Capitalism-imperialism keeps virtually the entire 6 billion population on the planet enslaved. The rule of these ruthless capitalists is maintained through violence, principally by the state machinery and overall by the armies of imperialism. We live in a period where monopoly capitalism controls the world. The main imperialist centres are the USA, France, Britain, Germany and Japan. Currently US imperialism dominates the world.

Our main task is to advance the struggle for Socialism on a worldwide scale. This will lay the basis for the development of Communism. The fate of the working class in the neo-colonial countries like South Africa, is inextricably linked to the fate of the working class in the imperialist centres. The primary vehicle to lead the struggle for Socialism is a revolutionary International of the working class. We say this should be the rebuilt Fourth International.

Because we are in South Africa, the rebuilding of the Fourth International means laying the basis for the construction of a revolutionary working class party that will eventually form part of this international. Our website is still under construction and we would value any comments and suggestions on how to improve it. Most of all, we would value any comment or criticism of our political line and methods. All such comments should please be emailed to us at Currently our webpage has our platform document and the articles of our Newspaper April-June 2001. We hope to soon put up as many of our back issues as possible on the site.

We have a newspaper, called Workers International News which we are trying to regularise. Annual Subscription rates are as follows: Rest of Africa:  R300

Outside Africa [Rest of the world]: US$100

South Africa: workers R30

other:      R50

Cheques/Money orders should be made payable to : Workers International Vanguard League and should be sent to our head office address. Subscription includes being sent our occasional pamphlets. Please supply us with an email address should you wish to be on our mailing list.

General Secretary: Shaheed Mahomed