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a day in may (to be real)

do you remember
last year
that first day of summer
not by the calendar of course
but summer all the same
the end of exams
and homework
and school
for a while at least
we left the rest
drinking soda and
signing yearbooks and
hiding in the shade
we went in search of adventure
and found it
you were the conqueror
climbing rocks and swinging on tree branches
with your long skirt hiked up to your knees
i was the sentimental botanist
wildflowers woven into my long brown hair
i must have looked like a lost hippie
i had that starry-eyed gaze
that comes from verbosity
and high truths
that we made up as we went along
speaking slowly and articulately
that day i felt more myself
than usual

Copyright 2002, A.J.S. All Rights Reserved.