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Heart Spoken

poet n. 1. one who writes poems 2. one who expresses herself with beauty of thought and language

poetry must be like baklava
small but pithy and rich
constructed of many fine layers
baked to a crisp golden brown
honey-glazed to sticky perfection
with a memory that lasts
longer even than the taste
of greek pastries and sea breezes
~~~"baklava," by me

I once thought poetry was the silly stuff in children's books, comprised of stilted meter and clichéd rhymes... then I discovered the concept of free verse. I was a sophomore in high school, at the tender age of fifteen, when I began writing poems of my own. Perhaps tragedy breeds inspiration, for I had plenty of both that year: my grandfather died of complications from an experimental new surgery, my parents got a divorce to end years of vehement arguments, I had to give up my beloved little mustang mare, and, on top of everything, I suffered through the usual teenage angst. In the process of sorting it all out, I found a wellspring of verse within myself, just waiting to find its way into print. I wrote several poems each week over the next two years -- I was forever typing up my latest creations and stewing over a new phrase. As the problems lessened, so did the poems; now I write one every few months, if that. Nevertheless, I built up quite a repertoire of work during those difficult times, and a good sampling of it is here for your enjoyment.


a day in may (to be real)
an open gate
anything and everything
because life is not a simple "if, then" equation
cinders for ella
el ciclismo y la vida
five dollars and fifty-eight cents
gourmet jelly beans
half a glass
my mind cannot go 45 mph
Oxford Valentine (Passing St. Giles)
perfect world
raindrops on my cheeks
rain, rain, come today
razorburn and band-aids
rented stereo headphones
reflection of light
[schrödinger's cat]
six inches off the ground
skinned knees and teardrops on asphalt
whatever the case may be
when shells were pieces-of-eight
ziplock bags

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