HANDLERS INFO. NAME:Charles AGE: 13 EMAIL:mike4u321@yahoo.com Wrestlers info. NAME:Siamone AGE: 29 HT.,WT.:6'11 FINSHER:HAVE A NICE DAY,HAVE A NICE DAY is a submission hold. Siamone first sets up his HAVE A NICE DAY by executing a Samoan Neck Breaker on the man. In one fluid motion, Siamone will then float on to the opponent's back and set him up for a Camel Clutch. Finally, Siamone will grab hold of the opponent's head with a reverse chancery (the man's chin in Siamone's armpit) and wrench back as if to actually rip the man's head from his body. SETUP:MY TURN(Picks opponent up in Razor's Edge, throws them up, tosses them 180 degrees and drops them in a tombstone piledriver, with the opponent facing out.) STYLE:SUICIDAL ALIGNMENT:HEEL 6 COMMON MOVES:Sunset Flip Power Bomb from the Top Rope, PimpDrop, Suplex into a Sit Down Power Pile Driver, A reverse vertical Suplex, sometimes called a reverse Brainbuster, into a front face Neck Breaker. He locks his opponent up in a reverse DDT, then lifts for a Suplex. On the way down Cross switches the move into a front face Neck Breaker,