{The scene opens up outside of a new hotel where a

driving in. You can tell who it is because of its loud and thumping system. It then parks between a chevy

and a dodge

. Then the guy then turns off the

and reachs over to the other side to kiss the girl . Then they come out of the

Stacy: Where can we get a room?
Worker: here room number 24
{He reachs and grabs the key and hands it to Stacy as Siamone gives the man a mean look and they start walking.}
{They reach the room and unpack for the night.}
Siamone: I wonder what this FWWW is going to be like. I just thought I might be a next icon in wrestling. All of these other guys might be wrestlers but I am better. Now I know there are people who call there self Baddass or might have won gold but I will kick there ass you see while they were doing that or partying I was lifting weights abd getting stronger than anyone of them and now here I am The Lord of Darkness and i want to is win.
Siamone: That is all I plan on doing I could truly dont give a fuck about the gold. I am going to show them wrestling is real and the moves hurt. The way the guys take this is because they are used to the pain and so am I. I am known to take a overwhelming amount of pain and keep going.
Siamone: Now I don't know anyone in the back who looks like they deserve a Dark beating but I am going to give one to........ They will feel the Sucidalness of me. So anyone in the back who has a problem just fuck now or you might just get burned.