NOW I USED TO BE IN THE UWF SO IT WILL SAY THAT PLACE A BUNCH SO JUST BARE WITH IT THANKS (The scene opens in the hallway of the UWF arena. Siamone is walking down the hallway after getting in the arena. He just has gotten into the arena. He walks past a couple of rooms, when he hears something about him.) Man#1:that Siamone wrestler thinks that he is something special. Man#2: Yeah he really is nothing though. This Tuesday "Great One" Ryan is going to beat the shit out of him. I mean I bet I can beat that Siamone fellow up. Man#3: Guys, Siamone is the best damn wrestler ever. I bet he can beat all three of us up at the same time. Man#1: Your full of shit. He is nothing but a silly clown that probably got fired because he sucked. So now he thinks that he is some dark evil person. Man#3: I bet if he was here right now he would kick your ass's. Man#1: I would like to see him try! Man#2: Ha! Yea that is so funny! (Siamone walks over to the door that he hears this from. He knocks on the door. One of the men comes to the door and opens it. The man sees Siamone when he opens the door. The mans mouth drops open as he stars into Siamone's eyes. He stumbles backwards into another man with the same look of fear on his face. There is a third person standing in the corner of the room. He has a smile on his face and is holding in a laugh. Siamone looks into the mans eyes that opened the door.) Siamone: So I heard that you said that the bitch in Tuesday Torture was going to beat me this Tuesday. I heard that all of you were saying some shit. Now you all wanted to challenge me to a fight, well you got your fight. Lets go now! Man#1: No I was just kidding of course you are going to beat everyone this Tuesday. I mean look at you, you are unstoppable. Man#2: Yeah seriously, you can kick our asses and we all know it. Man#3: Well to bad. You guys are lying your going to get your asses kicked. Ha,Ha! You losers! Siamone: Well, I don't give a fuck. Now you're going to see what the clown thing is all about! (Siamone punches the first man that was at the door in the face. He falls down to the ground. The second man swings at Siamone and hits him in the eye. Siamone falls back a little and then comes back with a kick to the face. The third man is laughing as Siamone is beating the hell out of the two other men. Siamone turns to the man that is laughing. Siamone walks over to him and delivers a punch to his face. The man falls down on the ground. The two other men walk over to Siamone and one of them jumps on his back. Siamone throws the man off of his back. Siamone then picks him up and power bombs him onto the concrete ground. The second man tries to run out of the door but Siamone grabs him by his shirt and pulls him into a power bomb. Siamone walks over to a table and power bombs him threw it. The table splits in half and the guy is laid out. The third guy is slowly getting up when Siamone grabs him and piledrives him onto the floor. Siamone then walks out of the room and shuts the door behind him. Siamone walks down the hall again and then he goes into his locker room. There he puts on a hockey jersey that has a picture of the carnival on the front. Siamone then walks out of his locker room. The camera then goes to the ring. "Great One" Ryan is in the middle of the ring with a microphone in his hand. The camera focuses on him. Great One then begins to speak.) "Great One" Ryan: Ladies and gentlemen you all know me. I am going to be having a word with Siamone tonight about his match this Tuesday . So without further do, Siamone please come out. (The lights instantly go dark. Red lightning starts to strike down the ramp. A big explosion's after explosion's comes out from the begging of the middle of the ring. Siamone is at the top of the ramp. The red lightningstarts shooting down the ramp again. Siamone then walks down the ramp when all of the lightning is done shooting down it. Siamone walks to the ring and climbs into it. Most of the fans are cheering him with a few boos. It is still dark so no one can see what is going on, but the red lighting starts shooting around the ring posts. Then a big explosion goes on with the lightning in the middle of the ring above it. The lights then turn on revealing Siamone beside "Great One" Ryan. Siamone walks over to "Great One" Ryan and punches him it the face. "Great One" Ryan drops the microphone. Siamone walks over and picks it up. He then grabs "Great One" Ryan and throws him over the side of the ring and out of it. Some referees and workers come over and help up "Great One" Ryan. Siamone puts the microphone up to his mouth. Before he can talk the fans start to boo him. When the fans finally stop booing him he then begins to speak.) Siamone: Finally all of you basterds shut the fuck up. This Tuesday I am going into a match against some dumb bitch who dont know what the fuck they are doing . This Tuesday I am going to come out of that match the winner. I am here; I have brought my carnival with me again. But this time it is more powerful that it was before. This time I am not going to take anyone's shit; I am not going to make an alliance or stable with anyone. I am going to stay be myself and bring destruction to everyone. I already destroyed Someone the last year i was here and now I am back to take another soul. I was looking for another fool to destroy and I saw that you had come out here and made an open challenge. I saw that you think that your something special and everyone fears you. Well I don't fear you. You're the one that is going to fear me. I am going to show you why you need to keep your damn mouth shut and not run it like you are something. The fact is your nothing but a worthless piece of shit. I am going to have a fun time beating the hell out of you this Sunday. After this beating maybe all of you will learn to keep your mouth shut. I speak for many when I say that I don't really care for what you have to say and yes you are right no one does remember you because you were nothing back then. Everything that you though you were was an illusion. You may have the looks but that is not going to save you in the ring with me. But your looks you wont have much longer because this Tuesday I am going to beat your face in so much that no girl, not even a cheap whore that works the corners will want to be with you. "Great One" Ryan you just don't understand what you are dealing with. The dark carnival in not something to go around and joke about, it is not something that is funny. It is serious and it has already gotten 1 or maybe it was 7 or 8 victim, (whom i am not telling). You are the next to become a victim of it. You can't stop the carnival or me. There is no running away from it either. You saw what I did to those fools that thought they could talk about me and get away with it. You say what I did to that piece of shit with glasses, "Great One" Ryan. There is no stopping me, not even the president of the old league named the OCWF could stop me. "Great One" Ryan I am going to put you out of wrestling for the rest of your life and take your good looks away. I am the most powerful wrestler in the UWF. Unlike you I don't use my good looks to attract fans, in fact I could give a shit less what these pieces of shit think about me. They are all going to burn in my carnival when they die. They will fucking haunt you and not so have nice dreams "Great One" Ryan I am right now stable, I have not gone crazy yet here in the UWF but soon I am. I am going not only beat you up in this match I am going to tear the flesh off of your face and body. I am going to beat you to a piece of blood and still beat you more and more until your body is shattered in the ring. The workers and people from the hospital will have to take your crippled ass out of the ring. There is no limit that I won't go to beating your ass and making you realize the carnivals arrival. There is nothing that you can do to stop me. "Great One" Ryan now that you're in this fed I bet you will be going for gold and other things of big value. But I am going to let you know, like I said because this is going to be your last match ever, you will not be able to get those goodies. You're nothing but a jobber, no one evens knows you existed until you came out here and ran you're little mouth. "Great One" Ryan the end is near for you. This Sunday I will see you in the ring. (Siamone drops the microphone. The lights go black and the song Splat,hammerhead starts to play over the loud speakers. Red lighting starts to strike around the rings posts. Siamone walks out of the ring. Many fans are booing him as he walks up to the ramp. When he is walking up the ramp he gets hit with a beer can on the shoulder. He looks to the side it was thrown and grabs a person that is laughing. The security guard grabs the person away from Siamone. Siamone then gives the person an evil look. The person gets a terrified look on their face. Siamone continues up to the top of the ramp and then slowly turns around. He grabs a microphone lying on the ground. He then begins to speak into it.) Siamone: "Great One" Ryan, you may have many bitches, but this Tuesday day it is you are going to be the bitch. My bitch that is!