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    Posted by Siamone on 7/16/2001, 12:22 pm

    (The scene opens as the OCWF camera crew spot a large and glooming shadow ontop of the arena, high above everything else. They quickly begin running up the steps until the finally reach a door that says "Rooftop". They walk through that door and spot the Siamone sitting on the edge of the roof, looking down. He is holding a bottle of whiskey and smoking a cigarette when the crew walks over to him. He stares hard at the camera, with his evil eyes before he even begins to open his mouth.)

    (Siamone: Another victim falls. Without any hesitation I have walked in the OCWF again and taken a soul. First ?????, then ??????...and the newest victim has already been signed for Tuesday night. A man that claims to be from the other realm, here only to torture those who are not like him. I believe he calls himself DDP. I could give a #### less what he calls himself and what he thinks he can do. You may have been slightly successful in the OCWF, but on Tuesday your path will be changed forever.

    ((He takes a long drink from the whiskey and still continues to puff on his cigarette before throwing it off of the rooftop. He stares deeply into the night air, before speaking again.)

    (Siamone: Unlike the other pussies that you have faced in the past DDP, I won't be that easy to defeat. You will not come into the ring and take control of me. All your darkside bullshit should be left at home. I have no patience for your kind. A lot of people think that i will win agansit a #### head like u. Well let me tell you and the rest of the world...I don't give a flying #### what anyone thinks. All I know is that when that bell rings, no matter how I look or how I act...it's on. I am in there to tear people apart, rip them from limb to limb, spill their blood and make them wish they had never spoken my name. Now its been clear to me the pattern that has been aquired here in the OCWF. If a match has been signed with the Siamone, then the competition hides. No interviews, no words, no nothing. And its like people have to drag them to get into the ring with me. Cause they fear for their lives. I don't blame them. But now OCWF has it's very own Death Sentence....ME! So DDP...are you going to follow in the pattern of pussies? Are you going to run and hide like a little b###h? Or...are you going to come out like the man you think you are and stand toe to toe with me? Theres no more talk of getting beat around here, I see that's not gonna happen to me for a very long time. The talk IS now about whether or not people are going to show up? Whether or not people have the balls to come out here and confront me.

    ((He takes another drink of his whiskey and before he sets it down Paul Heyman comes out of the door and onto the rooftop where the OCWF crew is standing and where Siamone is sitting. He walks right up and begins to ask questions to Siamone, still kind of pissed at what had happened to him the last time these two men had met.)

    Paul: Siamone! Let me ask you something....all I hear is that your out here complaining to the OCWF about how everyone runs and hides and how you haven't gotten no real ####ing competition here...what the #### is going to happen when you get someone too hard to handle like ???? and ???? ? I know for ####ing sure you won't be running your ####ing mouth then.

    (Siamone: Heyman...you have a lot of ####in balls to be out here running your ####in cock holster to me about shit thats none of your ####in business. I thought you might have gotten a little ####in respect after you picked your big fat troll lookin ass up from the middle of the ring the other night, but its evident that I was wrong. Look here Heyman, before I take off your ####in head...I'll answer your little punk ass question. Complaining? Who said shit about complaining? I have no problem walking in the arenas and completely destroying the silly fags that the OCWF puts me up against. I have no problem walking out of my match everynight without even breaking a sweat. I have no problem sorting through all the pussies and punks here in the OCWF. No problem what so ever. But to all of you big stars in the OCWF...and since Heyman mentioned these two...they are the ones I am pointing out. ???? and ?????. I don't give a ####...who you are, what you have done, or what you think you can do. You ####ers don't scare me. You make me laugh. ?????? you think because you are 3 time OCWF Champion that your ####in unbeatable....wake up asshole and smell your butt buddy's breath. There is nobody in this world that is unbeatable.....NOBODY. ????? only reason why your punk ass talks a tired game is because of your ass licking boyfriend. You may have won a few matches, but if you didn't have that overstuffed air bag ?????? by your side, you wouldn't amount to no more that the shit paper I wipe my ass with. So both of you punk b###hes....anytime and any place...title or non-title..I don't give a ####. Just holla my name and I will be there.

    Paul: Yeah right what the #### ever...(he laughs)

    (Siamone stands up and without hesitation chokeslams Paul Heyman onto the hard rooftop floor. And then begins to stomp on his head. Still standing on Heyman, he looks into the camera one more time.)

    (Siamone: DDP....come ready and prepared for Tuesday night. Show your face and be a ####ing man for a change. No matter what you say or do, your going to stare death in the eyes on Tuesday. And I am going to take you out. Your in no way shape or form a challenge to me. Never will be...and the sooner Tuesday comes the sooner you will find that out. Come be the hope for the OCWF. Try to take me out. But just like ??? and ??? before you, your soul will belong to me and your body belongs 6ft under ground. Your death sentence awaits you, don't be ####in late. The fire has been lit....and now its time for you to get BURNED!!!!

    (He stomps on Heymans head once more, before pouring the whiskey over his silenced body and walking away through the door that leads downstairs. The camera crew try to help Heyman, just as the scene ends.)


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RolePlay: ...TITLE TIME....
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    ...TITLE TIME....

    Posted by Siamone on 7/18/2001, 4:05 pm

    (The scene opens up outside of "Harley's Beer Pit" a trashy biker bar, jammed pack full of customers. The OCWF camera men walk inside to a rowdy crowd cussing and screaming at the top of their lungs. Small fights are breaking out everywhere and the bouncers are on the floor, passed out in a puddle of their own blood. As the cameraman passes through the crowd, they are stared at and even stopped by one customer. A heavy set man, wearing his colors on a leather vest, his arms very visible showing off his tattoos, stands in front of the cameraman, not letting him pass.)

    Biker: What in the #### do you think your doing asswipe?

    (The cameraman just staring there in silence looking around the room for some help, but the situation looking very grim.)

    Biker: I ain't gonna ask you again. WHAT IN THE #### DO YOU WANT!!!???

    (The biker's every word growing more intense, but the cameraman just standing there in a daze, keeping the camera well focused on the biker.)

    Biker: Thats it asswipe, you and that pretty little camera of yours is about to eat my fist...

    (The Biker draws back his fist and grabs a hold of the cameraman with his otther hand, making the picture a little shaky. Before he is able to punch the cameraman, the crowd behind him begins to seperate and silence grows over the bar. All you can hear is faint whispers of the other patrons, as this big shadow makes his way to the biker and the OCWF cameraman. The biker, ready to crush the little cameraman stops dead in his tracks, not knowing why the place just got silent.)

    Biker: What in the #### is going on here?!!

    (He lets go of the cameraman and turns to see who is behind him. The top of his head reaches to the dark figure's shoulders and the man looks up only to see Siamone staring down at him, with a look of death)

    Biker: And who in the #### do you think you are asswipe?

    (The biker looks around the bar and begins to laugh, taking a sip from his beer. He then breaks the beer bottle off onto a table and points the jagged edge at Siamone)

    Biker: You may be big asswipe, but nobody is to big to be cut...

    (Before he can take a swing, Siamone, quick as lightning rams the mans head into a wooden beam, cracking the beam and breaking the mans nose. The biker falls to the floor, knocked out from this vicious blow and covered in his own blood. Siamone then turns to the rest of the crowd, as they slowly depart again, so the big man can find his way back to his seat in the very corner of the bar. The OCWF cameraman is in relief and refocuses the camera and follows Siamone back to his seat. Siamone sits back down and removes a 12 inch knife sticking into the bar, and continues carving a message into the bar.)

    Siamone: It seems, that fate has been chosen by our very own prez. No one had to move the coffin at the ring. No one had to step up to the plate and volunteer to be the first to take me on. CEO drummer done that for you. He has volunteered someone to step into the ring with me, on july 22 night, and be cut open from head to toe. We all know who this sorry #### is going to be. Kid shady...I think thats his name. KID. Right? Well KID, congratulations you are our first contestant on who wants to take an ass whoopin. The rule are simple to follow. Alll you have to do is show up, thats it. Nothing more or nothing less. Just be there. It might help if you tried to throw a few punches here and there, but it really don't matter what you do. Do worry KID. I'm not gonna kill you. No, NO! That just wouldn't be nice to walk in the OCWF on my first match, and kill my first opponent, hell then none of you pussies would never step to me. No KID, I have a bigger and better plan for you. Oh you can bet your broke down ass I am going to hurt you. I am going to rip you from limb to limb. But don't worry, I leave your eyes and ears unharmed. You may be paralyzed from the neck down, being pushed in a wheel chair but I promise your eyes and ears will be intact. Why? You ask. I want you to see the millions and millions of people laughing at your pathetic ass. I want you to hear their voices, as the crack jokes and make fun of you everytime your around. I would you to be tormented for the rest of your sad existence. Because you are my first lesson that I am teaching anyone else in the OCWF who thinks they have wait it takes to sign the dotted line and step into the ring with me. The physical pain may go away but the scars will always be there, and you will never, ever forget my name. For the next day or so KID...I want you to spend some time with your family, take a walk, maybe go jogging, go swimming, make use of your legs. Cause in a few days, that simple luxary of being able to do all those things, will be taken from you. This is not just a match. Hell no...it goes way beyond that. This is a fight for the "Survival of the Fittest". Only one of us will be walking away a winner, hell only one of us will be walking away...(Lets out a small evil laugh and takes a drink of his bottle of whiskey, before pouring it across his finished carved message in the bar)...Enough talk KID. July 21 is our meeting, and Sunday is your surgery. Bring everything you got with you to the ring. ####, bring your big fat ass wife down there, I don't give a damn. Nothing....and I mean nothing can save you now. Your soul belongs to me. The fire has been lit...and now its time to get BURNED!!!!!

    (He gets up from his seat and the crowd falls to a hush again, as the camera is soley focused on him. He takes out a match and lights it, throwing it onto the bar where his carved message is. Then he walks out, into the crowd...turning into a faint shadow. The cameraman then focuses onto the message, bursting in flames it reads..."REST IN PIECES...KID". The scene then fades out)


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