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Denise Sherrer

Hi I'm Denise, I live in beautiful Northern Califronia, In the foothills. I'm from southern Ca. but fell in love with this area when my cousin Cathy moved here. My late husband Dick and i moved here 4 years ago and built our dream home. Six months later, my beloved husband died of a massive heart attack. I decided to stay here and i'm glad i did.. I've had my share of Southern Ca. ! I love music and have a sound proof music room with tons of instruments along with tons of beanie babies.. I had to stop collecting beanies because the were taking over the music room..LOL I own a marine business in So. Ca. called Dick Sherrer Marine Inc. My neices Laura and Deneilla run the store for me. And i have a great service manager Bill who has been with the company for 25 years, with 14 mechanics. With parts and accesaries, service and storage.. I have a wonderful business that i'm very proud of. I got my webv after Dick passed away and it's helped me so much. I have wonderful friends all over the states and all over the world. I love making creative things online and have my own card site. Welp this is me in a nutshell..thanks for taking the time to read this.. Hugs Denise