The Eternal Dance

She stood next to the top of the waterfall at the edge of a cliff and stared off in to the blue-black night sky. She could hear the laughter of the others coming though the thick trees. They thought she had gone to bed, but they didnt care, no one cared.

She looked down at the base of the waterfall and the rocks below, begging her to join them in their eternal dance with the falls. She smiled sadly down at them. Oh how she wanted to join them. It would be so easy to do, so easy to get away with. No one would care if she joined the rocks.

Oh they say they would but she knew in her heart that within a year shed be less than a memory. No one cared. And the rocks, oh the rocks still whispered to her. Looking up at the stars she heard them whisper to her to join the rocks. Itd be so easy, they said. Shed be so good at their eternal dance.

She stood there and listened, trying to make a decision. The rocks begged, those around the fire laughed and the stars whispered. Oh how easy itd be to join the Dance and who would care?


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