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"what kind of cop are you gonna be if you can't even rob someone?" -stace
"i love you like a fat kid loves cake, you know my style, i'll say anything to make you smile." -edd/50 cent
"my bra gives me more support than you do!"-edd
"what are you? mexican?" -edd
"oh, you must be canadian." -edd
"oh kashmira!" -edd
"IDIOT! don't have time. i have too many weemon." -stace/edd/bang bang bang
"i don't think so, annie. want to drink. cigarette. you know." -stace/edd/bang bang bang
"are you counting bread or money? hey, either way you'd be counting dough!" -stace
"wanna do it?" -stace, but stolen by edd occasionally!
"oh hasmir! you look so good in that hat! why don't you give me lots of kiss? WROOOONG!" -stace/bang bang bang
"my toilet ate my homework!" -edd
"i think, wait, i KNOW you're beautiful." -edd
"i don't know what to say that the monkeys won't do!" -edd
"slim shady, holding a fat baby!" -edd
"period." -edd
"husky." -edd
"are you a mexi-can or a mexi-can't?" -stace
"when i was a kid, the only toy i had was my..." -edd (still don't think i've stopped laughing at this one!)
"sorry, i got overstimulated." -stace
"put your hand firmly on your chin..."-edd