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*Athletes*United* Guild Webpage!

Hi and welcome to the Athletes United webpage this guild is the best guild in Neopia and we have newbie packs and nice people. Please Join!!!

1. We now have...the *Athletes*United* Lottery! To buy a ticket simply visit the guild shop & purchase a tiki tack key ring. This will enter you. Then just neomail softballplaya774 with your 5 numbers (0-25). The person who matches the MOST numbers wins the ticket jackpot!

2. Simply neomail softballplaya774 to be entered in the weekly drawing. Drawing's will take place every Tuesday.

3. We have our own guild faerie here at the guild. Make her your neofriend (sofballplaya774) and who knows what she may bless you with. Remember, the more active you are, the better your surprises will be!

4. Post of the day!!!!!!!!!

5. Softballplaya774 is checking the messageboard daily in search of the most helpful or unique post.All winners get an intelligence award,a BOOK! If u would like to do any of these things that my username (softballplaya) is in neomail me and i will see what i can do!

6. Wishing Well!!

7. Each week the guild will grant 5 wishes from its members. Just mail a council member telling them the item you wish for.(be reasonable, no unbuyables please.) Wishes will be granted on Mondays.

8. GAMES!!!

9. Word Scramble - First person to unscramble this word,selurdetinusetelhts, gets 500 np! Mail answers to softballplaya774. Multi word puzzles will be spaced correctly, but letters between words can be switched. softballplaya774.