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During the next few minutes you will experience what it is like living with alcohol abuse. This is only my life you will be looking at. There are thousands of people just like me. One might even be your neighbor. At the end of your journey, I hope that you will be encouraged and know that there is a way out, for the abused as well as the abuser. Alcohol draws the whole family into the bottle with the acloholic and has lasting and devastating effects on the lives of those involved.
Why am I putting my life "out there" for all to see? Because I want people to know what goes on in a family where alcohol is abused, the effect it has on children and on their lives later as adults themselves. Out of the alcohol abuse flows many other forms of abuse like physical and emotional abuse, domestic violence.. I have experienced all of these, and I pray that it will help someone who reads this who might be going through what I went through.
I also thank God for His grace and His mercy. Without my Saviour, I couldn't make it. It is by His love and grace that I am still around to tell my story. If you don't know Jesus and you are living this kind of nightmare, I pray that you will start seeking His face. He is my strength and my Refuge. It is through Him that I survive......
This is my story........

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