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N@TCHO's Guide: How to make a joint


Step 1

First you need the right equipment: Rolling papers, tobacco, roach card (often comes free with papers such as Rizzla or Zig-Zag), marijuana.

Step 2

You need a roach in your joint for the filter, so that you don's suck in the insides of the joint when you chuff on it.

Get a small piece of roach card or normal card if you don't have any, should be a rectangle shape about one inch long. Curl it lengthways into a fairly tight cylinder.

Step 3

Next sprinkle in some tobbacco either rolling tobbacco like Golden Virginia, or Cigarette baccy which I think tastes nicer in the joint. I usually use about 1/4 of a cigarette per joint, but a lot of people use more, it depends how strong you like your joints.

Step 4

Next you need to sprinkle in the skunk. If the bud is dry then it should be no problem to crumble, but if it is sticky then you may want to purchase a grinder.

Step 5

Keep crumbling in the green until you can't see any tobacco, thats how i tell if i have enough in.

Step 6

Now sprinkle a little bit more tobacco on top of the bud to make the joint burn more evenly.

Step 7

Next you need to roll it up tight. Pinch the front onto the back and gently roll the contents into a neat line and roll the front side over the green. Lick the sticky side which should be facing you.

Step 8

After that you need to roll the sticky side over the other side, wrapping it round it tightly then sticking it down to it.

Step 9

Next you need to push the bud down a bit to make it tight and compact. I use the end of a cigarette or the flint (as in picture) of a lighter which you can pull out of a lot of lighters such as Clippers

Step 9

Finally you need to twist off the end so that everything stays inside when handling it