This section is for YOU.    Please let me know of any concerns that I can add and any helpful advice that you can give me.   Sometimes problems arise that I have never thought of and the advice I give you or you pass on to me may help many others.   Many of your question may be answered in 'Living With Shibas'  


A really useful website is www.ainsworths.com. It is where you will find all sorts of advice and telephone help if you need it for the homeopathic treatment of your Shiba. 


Many more useful numbers and links are on a separate page

What if I become pregnant?

I have two of my ladies with this question at the moment.   Shibas are primative and will know before you do that you are 'in whelp'.   Bitches especially will become interested in your tummy and may become very clingy.   When I was in this position many years ago I used to let my pet sit on my tummy and her babies and mine got to know each other before they came into the world.

It is a good idea to get your Shiba used to being taken for walks by another person.   You may not always feel like it towards the end of your pregnancy or when your baby makes its appearance.   Having babies is VERY tiring.

NEVER leave your baby alone with ANY pets.   Shiba bitches are excellent mothers and the smell of a baby brings out the maternal instinct.   They will want to lick and clean the baby.   Don't let them because if the baby screams it brings out another side of your pets nature.    I don't want to frighten you but better safe than sorry.   Most accidents with dogs and babies could and should have been prevented.

Your Shiba will be a life long friend to your child and will regard it as a sibling - a human puppy.   Later the need for supremacy will rear its head.   You have to watch them playing puppy games and as the dominant bitch you have assert your authority firmly and fairly.   Protect your pets from prying fingers and protect your baby from over enthusiastic games.   NEVER let your child play chase!   Your pet is being taught to hunt prey and to run away from humans.   Both are highly undesirable.   This is another reason never to leave children and pets alone together.   No matter how tempting don't let a young child take a dog out on it's own.

Another 'No no' is - do not play fighting games with your puppy.   Don't hold him/her down and growl.   It will encourage the 'fight or flight' syndrome evident in many of the primitive breeds.  Look at my videos on You Tube (search for Mym Clews) and you will see the body language of the bitches teaching the pups their Ninja lessons.   They hold them very gently by the throat and the pup submits.   If it fights they hold it a bit more securely.   They never hurt the pup but they teach it manners.   They also use the reward system.   When the pup learns to behave they have a lovely game together with a toy.

So much can be learned by just sitting quietly and watching your pups body language.


What if I am concerned about something but embarrassed to ask for help?
NEVER be embarrassed to ask for help - even with the most simple problem.   

Your breeder who has undoubtedly given you their phone numbers and email address should your first port of call.   Failing that - I am always here 24/7.

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What if I want to mate my bitch?


 Do you REALLY want to?   It is a great responsibility to find good homes for your babies.   It is not necessary to mate a bitch.   As long as you take care with the timing of the spay there should be very few problems.


If you still want to mate your girl please consult your breeder.   She will advise you on a suitable stud.   Not all lines in pedigrees match and she should be able to advise you of the correct course to take and she should be behind you with help and advice throughout the whole process.



 What if I want to use my dog at stud?

Once again - Do you really want to?   There are plenty of good stud dogs about.   Most have proved their worth by winning at Championship shows.   It is an expensive business to produce a good stud dog.   Many years have gone into the study of pedigrees.   Once used at stud your boy is likely to start cocking his leg over other male smells.   Fine unless you are visiting a friend in their house and he cocks his leg up the furniture..   You have to have room to put up visiting bitches.   Your own Shibas may not like the new girl and your once happy little pack will be upset.