Mitzi on the beach 


West Wittering a an undiscovered secret a few miles from Chichester in Sussex..   It is the nicest beach resort I know.   The people are so friendly and they like dogs.   The beach is part of a private estate so one can drive down almost to the sea.   The first part of the beach is devoted to surfers but the part that folk are  advised not to swim in because of the current is the area open all year to well behaved dogs and their friends.   Everyone clears up poos and respects other dog owners.   Some like their dogs to run free and play with others - some do not-  so it is just good manners to respect their wishes.  There is an excellent website at


 We have been coming here since our son was 9 in 1975.     First it was in the tent with the Borzois and our Jack Russell then the Akitas and lastly with our Shibas.   We kept our caravan here and it was pulled out when we wanted to come and stay.    

The site has changed over the years.   When we first came it was really just fields and the old chap who owned the farm used to go round giving out sweets to the children.   He kept exotic fowl including Peacocks who had great fun climbing up one side of the tent and sliding down the other!   It was a bit nerve racking at first waking up to this wierd noise and the site of a huge shadow sliding across the roof the tent.   Now there are toilet blocks and washing facilities, two beautifully kept fields and a wonderful friendly atmosphere.   We  moved on firstly to a combi-camper and then a series of caravans.  

Sadly I can no longer keep the caravan so our holidays have come to an end but I will always have happy memories of West Wittering.

Here are some pictures taken over the years


  This is our caravan field & the photo below shows part of the setup with the porch awning.