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If you have mated your bitch and would like to have her scanned without having her tummy shaved. Domini has been doing this for many years and is gentle, helpful and informative.


Phone on 01908 560870
Post at PetScan
28 Brindlebrook
Two Mile Ash
Milton Keynes MK8 8EU  Richard Alport homeopathic vet.   (pharmaceutical supplies worming etc - much cheaper than the vet)  (same as vet-tec)  (Homeopathic supplies)   (croft cages)   (cages, puppy runs etc)  (Food) They make FLAT dog collar tags that fit on the collar and do not dangle down and irritate the dogs shoulder.  (the best for collars & leads)  They do the BEST mats for your door.   They suck all the dirt and wet out of your and your puppy’s feet.   Worth their weight in gold!  for Parvicide.     It is always advisable to check the plants in the garden to make sure anything dangerous is out of reach.