How The Shiba Gang Came to Be.


Pete & I have owned and loved dogs most of our lives.   Together we have owned Borzoi, Akitas and finally - the Shiba.   We first met the Shiba when Kath & Gerald Mitchell imported three from the USA.   One was in partnership the the Hindleys.   I immediately fell in love with them but Pete said 'No way are we going to have a small dog in this house'.   Kath Mitchell had made a brother/sister mating between two of her imports (Shogun Hisui Yukihari Kiskas x Shogun Hisui Yukitamahimi Kiskas).    They produced Kiskas Jack Daniels.   By now they had imported Ogon No Takame Ogon Taiyo So Kiskas (Muffin).   She was mated to Kiskas Jack Daniels and produced a litter of five that included our Suki (Kiskas Satsuki at Mymsin).   Suki became Top Shiba Bitch in her year.   Sadly she passed away aged 15 on 30th April 2003.   She will be sadly missed.






In the meantime Roy Mulligan had imported some lovely dogs from Japan in Partnership with Mr Kadawaki.of the Makoto Kennels.   We should be grateful for the stock they imported.   Without them I believe the Shiba would not have progressed as well as it has in the UK.   Among his stock was Jap.Ch.Juho of Suishoen at Makoto.   This was the dog I chose for our Suki.   He had great construction and was totally sound.  Not a very good photo but the only one I have :-(



Jap.Ch.Juho Of Suishoen At Makoto



Some of the early Shibas suffered from luxating patellas.   Some carried the longcoat gene.   As lovely as Suki was I wanted to improve.   She produced a litter of two dogs and two bitches.   I immediately fell in love with Seigan and we decided to keep him and Obai.   Megi was sold to a lady in Buckingham and Tosho went to live with Emma Stevens.  Megi came back to me and lived to 15 years of age.   She had a singleton puppy - my Kon who  was later mated  with Makoto Baroness At Mymsin (my Nessie). They became the foundation of the line I have today.





 Lessons to be learned


This was where I learned my first lesson.   I was so proud of my first litter that I just couldn't wait to get them lead trained and ready for the ring.   They were so good and willing to learn but poor Seigans' front rapidly deteriorated from a lovely 'H' front to to wild paddling motion on the move.   I am certain this was because I was too eager.   In later litters I have kept training to the minimum and just concentrated on socialising.   Obai was doing very well only ever being beaten by her brother  in the ring but when she was 13 months old her mouth suddenly became overshot.   This happened in a matter of just one week!   At the same time the lady who owned Megi decided she was too much trouble and asked me to take her back.   Which of course I did.   I gave Obai to my friends father and spent the next four years trying to undo the mental trauma that Megi had undoubtedly suffered.   When Megi was two I decided to mate her to Roy Mulligans Makoto Aka Danshaku.


He had the most beautiful head and true Japanese expression.   Another clear red.   He had black & Tan behind him so I was hoping that by mating him to Megi who was a stunning red I would increase the depth of colour.   No one except Megi and myself believed she was in whelp.   On the great day even the milkman was laughing at me but she produced a litter of ONE.




Megi & Kon 


 Konara was the most handsome Shiba.   Perfect in every way except that he grew too big.   Only 1/2" over the top and today many Shibas much bigger than him are in the ring but I had decided to breed and show as close to the Nippo Standard as possible.   I still believe that if we adopt a foreign breed we should adhere to the standard of the country of origin and not dilute it to the dogs we are breeding.   Kon didn't move until he was four weeks old.   He was like a fat slug.   Each time he whimpered Megi would wash him and feed him and caress him.   In fact she washed him until he was sore.

The vet suggested I mate her next season as she was making herself ill.   I took his advice and did a repeat mating.   This time she had five puppies and I had another lesson to learn.   One of the pups was a lovely little bitch named 'Matsuri' .   Megi would have nothing to do with her.   I wondered if it was because she was a mismark (she had too much white).   In the end I had to take her to the vet and he said she had an infection in the umbilical cord so I kept her away from her mother and the other pups.   She cuddled up to Snoopy and a hot water bottle.

All the pups from this litter went into pet homes.   Troy lives in London, Bhuna now lives in Manchester, Tsugar moved to Canada with his family and Reilly went to a friend of mine in Harpenden.   He was shown, trained to obedience and even to gun.   Unfortunately he and his Rotti friend Sophie were in kennels and Reilly got out.   He was run over at the age of just four years.   Megi would never accept Mattie back into the fold.   Sadly just two days after she went to her new home Mattie was also run over.   Pete said I should never have tried to save her and it was fate that she died but whilst there is life there is hope and I don't think I will ever be able to harden my heart and not try to save a pup.

Whilst all this was going on we were still going to shows and doing quite well.   We were on the Import Register which was an interim register for breeds new to the UK and meant we could not compete for BIS (Best In Show) so we used to ask the Show Secretary if we could do a lap of honour before BIS was judged.   Most shows agreed as this was the only way the public could see our lovely breed.  

Our Kon was growing apace and I decided to go to Roy Mulligans and obtain a bride for him.   I saw the most beautiful bitch who really stole my heart but Roy was adamant she wasn't for sale.   So I went without.   Some months later I met Roy at a show and he told me that his wife had persuaded him to let me have The Baroness.   'Nessie' came home and Kon fell desperately in love.




Kon & Nessie


 Nessie (Makoto Baroness at Mymsin) and Mymsin Konara 

Nessie was used to life in a kennel.   When we put her on the carpet she refused to move.   Once she started to move it was up and down an imaginary kennel.   She drove Pete mad.   All he could see out of the corner of his eye was this little red person charging up and down.   She had no idea of playing games.   The other Shibas gave her toys and she totally ignored them.   The only thing she didn't ignore was Kon.   He was her hero.   She finally learned to play ball after watching Wimbledon.   A tennis ball was hit off screen and she tried to follow it.   She nearly knocked herself out on the wall!   When Nessie came into season we had to part the young lovers.   There were tears on both sides.   The next season was worse.   Kon was beside himself.   I finally took him to the vets to see what could be done.   He gave Kon an injection and told me he would be no good at stud for three months.   That didn't matter because I only planned to use him on Nessie.   A week or so after the season finished I let them back together again.   It was lovely to watch them kissing, playing and then lying down together holding paws.   Some time later I took Nessie to a show.   Much to my delight she went BIS and the judge told me how well she was bodying up.   Shortly after this Pete and I were helping with a Seminar and Assessment for the Club (by now I was Secretary).   It was a beautiful venue near Bristol and we had decided to take the caravan and make a short holiday of it.   I was becoming a little concerned about Nessie - she was bodying up too well!   I took her to the vets and told him I thought she was in whelp.   He said it was impossible because of the time factor.   After an examination he confirmed that she was indeed in whelp  and could produce puppies any time within the next two weeks but he assured me that my weekend would be OK.   Until this point I had always believed that there was no such thing as an unplanned litter.   During the weekend Nessie 'dropped' and we hightailed it for home.   The next day she produced three beautiful red puppies.   Chiko, Katie and Taro.   We called them Nessies Secret Litter.   When I next saw the vet we worked out that she must have been mated on the 60th day!   He said that unless he had seen it with his own eyes he would not have believed it.   I have since noticed that Shiba bitches have two types of season.   What I call 'mating seasons' when they will move heaven and earth to get mated and seasons when they are not even attractive to Shiba males.   




Nessies first litter 

The following year Nessie was again mated once more to Kon and produced two boys and a girl.   These pups were already booked.   Max went to live in Israel, Tikka joined Toshi in Brighton (they later moved with the family to France) and Sidney went to live with my friend Mary who had lost Reilly so tragically.   Nessie loved puppies so next time I mated her to Makoto Red Alert.   I had seen him many years before as a puppy and had been very impressed with him.   We had three red boys Hikaru (Hickey, Jiman (Jimmy) and Aka Kisa (Barnaby).   I kept Hickey.   Jimmy lived six months in London and six months in Greece (Jimmy was 16.5 when he crossed the bridge)  and Barnaby lived in Chingford with two cats. Sadly Barnaby passed away from a virulent cancer when he was 7 years of age.  I still wanted another Nessie daughter so thought I would try once more.  I chose Bill & Jenny Cowlands Kerrilands Total Majic. He had produced such a lovely litter with Katie that I thought I would try him with her mother.   It was even better!   Two red boys and two red girls!   I kept Amy and Jenny kept Henry (Mymsin Yuko).   Hoshi lives just around the corner to me and Tojo  - well - you will have to read Taro's Story.   I really felt this must be Nessie's last litter but she is always so keen to have puppies that I had to have her spayed.   She still tried to take her daughters' pups away but at least I knew she couldn't get into trouble herself.   Unfortunately Kon was desperately jealous of his son and we had to part them.   Kon went to live with a lovely couple who lived five minutes away.   He was with them until he passed away aged 16.   They were in their late 70's by then but still wanted another Shiba so Hickey then aged 12 went to live with them.   Sadly Lill passed away from cancer just after I lost my Pete and Vic said that Hickey was his comfort and his life.   Hickey crossed the Rainbow Bridge age 15.    Vic is too old to have any more dogs now but can come to me for a 'Shiba Fix' any time he wants.  



Chiko (Mymsin Chikara)

16/06/1992 - 23/07/2002




Mymsin Chikara with judge Mr  Kadawaki
I kept Chiko (Chikara means strong and true) and Katie (Katsuko translates as 'Peace') from Nessies Secret Litter.   Chiko was a truly beautiful boy.   He won a Best in Show when he was only ten months old.   He was never really keen on showing and although he had two CC's he was such a lovely chap and gave us so much love that we retired him from the ring and kept him to ourselves .   Taro (Boy Hero) went to live with a couple in Vauxhall.   He has a story of his own to tell!  


Most of us have shared  the company of a number of dogs throughout our lives.   Just occasionally one is blessed with a dog that touches the soul.  I have been fortunate enough to share my life with four such dogs.   The first was Minnie the Moocher a soft coated wheaten who helped me through a lonely childhood.   The second was my Nicky my second Borzoi.   He was a handsome, loving dog with a dry sense of humour.   He introduced me to the world of dog shows and liked nothing more than to sit next to my brother-in-law who hated dogs and rest his chin on Eddies shoulder.   My third was Nessie.   Irreplaceable.  We had a special subliminal way of comunicating that I have shared with no other creature.   My fourth was Chiko the Clown.   Some time ago he had an accident.   Nessie was scraping her feet after a wee and some earth went in Chiko's eye.   He developed an infection and the vet thought it was cured.   We know our own dogs best though and I wasn't satified so made an appointment for Peter Bedford to see him.   The infection had cleared up on the surface but was festering away below and my poor Chiko developed glaucoma caused by trauma.   He eventually went blind in one eye but was coping.   One morning he started to scream and refused to move.   He had lost the sight of the other eye.   He was terrfied and in excruciating pain.   I just couldn't bear to see my boy suffer and had the vet come home and help him cross the bridge.   I gave him some arnica and cuddled him until the vet came.   I stroked him and spoke of the wonderful time we had together.   He was such a handsome boy - everyone loved him.   Such a character.   He had given me ten short years of love.  The least I could do was save him more pain and distress and let him go knowing I was there stroking and loving him.   He is the Shiba on my cards and headed paper. 

Rest in peace Mymsin Chikara, my Chiko the Clown. 


Taro's Story 

Taro was devoted to his master Richard who used to take him o work every day.   One day he couldn't take him and Taro stayed at home with Richards' partner Consuello.   She went to the front door to see if Richard was on his way home and Taro dashed out!   He just vanished.   We looked everywhere or him.   Richard used to take him for walks in the Royal Parks so we went to St James, Kensington and Hyde Park on a regular basis.   The keepers in Kensington Gardens said they had seen him in the early morning and at dusk.   They thought he was keeping well because they kept finding piles of feathers!   He lived there three months evading capture.   The last time he was seen he was going towards Kensington Barracks.   We finally gave up hope of finding him.   We knew he hadn't been run over because we had asked to be informed if a Shiba body was found.  

Seven months later Nessie had her final litter.   Two boys and two girls.   Richard and Consuello asked if they could have Tojo and we agreed.   He fitted in immediately and loved Consuello as much as Richard.  Another three months passed and I received a phone call from a friend who lived near Battersea Dogs Home.   It seemed someone had bought a little red dog in and Sue immediately thought it must be one of mine.   I told her the only only was Taro and he hd been gone for over a year.   I phoned Richard and Consuello in case they wanted to look.  Consuello rushed up there and sure enough - it was Taro!   He had been living wild in London for over a year.   We were worried whether he would accept Tojo but they got on like a house on fire and were inseparable





Katie (Mymsin Katsuko)  

My two babies were doing very well in the ring.   Chiko won Best In Show at the age of 10 months.   I didn't show Katie as much because she didn't enjoy it.   When she was 18 months I decided mate her.   This time I chose Makoto Aka  Danshaku her grandather.   She had two boys and a girl.   Button was the prettiest bitch I had seen.   I wanted to keep her but she was a sesame and Pete only wanted clear reds.   When she was nine months she went to live with a couple who bred bull terriers.   Naturally, she was in charge.   She was shown very lightly but was very successful.   Her brother Boycie grew too large so went to live wth my sister in law.   He was 17 when he crossed the bridge.  The third boy Kashiwa was really handsome and went to live with GSD's.   His owners bought a wife for him from Roy and together they have had some lovely pups.  Since then Button has had two litters.  The first to Bill Cowlands Ch Kerrilands Total Majic (two boys) and the second to her son, an accidental mating when she was eight and in kennels whilst her owners were on holiday.    She had two pups a girl and a boy.   Both were stunning.  

Katie later had another litter, this time to Ch Kerrilands Total Majic.   She had three boys and a girl - all clear reds.   I kept Mirai who has since gone to live with my friend Chris who was devastated when she lost her two shibas Megi and Suki of old age.   Suki was 17 and her daughter Megi (who couldn't cope without her) at 15.   Chibi lives with affenpinchers, grande bleu de gascougne and dobermans and Ty with a pyrenean and a leonberger.   The third boy Kodo went to live with a theatrical family and lived a life of luxury going to first nights and staying in the best hotels.   He had a country estate and his owners doted on him.   His lady became pregnant and just before the birth he went to stay with a carer.   Afer the baby was born he was introduced and was so good!   They decided to bring him home on Christmas Eve .   As he and his carer were walking though Kensington, a car mounted the pavement and ran into him.   Poor Kodo was killed instantly and his carer had both arms broken trying to save him.   His family were heartbroken. 

Katie wasn't very keen on motherhood.   Nessie thought she made a very poor job of it and took her pups away as soon as she could.   As she had had two litters we had her spayed.   It was much better from her point of view as she no longer had to be separated from the others every six months.
   I became quite worried about her.   She seemed bottom of the pack and always lonely.   The people who had her father Kon, asked if they could have her to keep him company.   Pete and I ageed and she went off to join him.   The next day I had  call to say she had escaped.   We put up posters everywhere locally (she was only 10 minutes away).   A headmaster gave his pupils the morning off to look for her as she had been seen walking along the railway track.   The next day Pete was out looking for her and there she was, trotting along the road and coming home.   A few months later we found another lovely home where she would be the only dog.   We gave her away again and once more she escaped.   This time she made a mistake a ran in the wrong direction.   We were really worried as the weather was dreadful.   I had a phone call from a kennels about ten miles away to say a kennel maid had found a fox she thought had been run over.   Of course it was Katie.   She had the sense to go into a kennels where the owner read her tag and phoned me.  We then decided she would stay with us forever and we would never give her away again.  

When Katie was 13 we were camping at Bath Ch Show in our caravan.   I was judging and after the show we had dinner and then visited friends to congratulate them as the Shiba I had made Best of Breed had gone on to be the first Shiba to go Best In Show at a Championship Show.   We got back quite late and I took the pups and Sonny out for a walk.  When I came back I needed help to put them away.   I foolishly opened the caravan door to call Pete and Katie leaped out over their  heads.   She was gone!   We looked until 3am, had a couple of hours sleep and then drove around Bath but all to no avail!   We had to go back to Hatfield as Pete had a hospital appointment for a hip replacement.   I contacted everyone.   The RSPCA, the local papers, radio stations, the police and put up posters everywhere in Bath and on the route home.   There were a couple of sightings but nothing definite. She had now been missing for ten days.   Someone had seen her killing a rabbit and taking it over a wall.   I went to Bannerdown on the Sunday with my friend Mary Kalaher to put up yet more posters when my mobile rang.  It was Pete to say she was at the RSPCA in Claverdon just minutes away!   When we arived an assistant bought her out and I almost cried.   Aparently she had gone into a garden and the owner thought she was a fox and wouldn't go near her until the next day whe she threw a shirt over her and took her to Claverdon.    I wanted to thank her but he RSPCA don't give out names so I wrote an article for the local paper in the hope that she would read it.   Katie took a very dim view of the bath I gave her as soon as she got home and she was even less impressed with her evening walk.   She had two chicken wings for dinner instead of the usual one and was then given egg & milk and all sorts extra treats to build her up.   She was so thin.   The other Shibas were wondering why she was being treated so well after being so naughty.   This was her third escape run.   What stories she could tell!














Sadly Katie was never same after her ordeal.   She developed a sort of doggy alzeimers but seemed happy in her little world.   We decided as long as she had good quality of life we would just look after and love her.  She gradually stopped enjoying her walk so we just used to take her outside to relieve herself.  Katie became incontinent.   She would leave a little gift for me in the mornings but managed qute well during the day.   We could never tell how bad her hearing and sight were because sometimes she would bump into things but she could see a cat at a hundred yards.  One day she screamed as Pete was putting her collar on and I made the appointment for the vet to come but cancelled it as she seemed to recover.   The next two weeks were wonderful.   It was our old Katie back again.   A bit grumpy, but eager to go out for a walk and eating like  horse.   Quite suddenly she deteriorated and was in distress.   This time there were no cancellations and Katie slipped peacefully out of this world and across the Rainbow Bridge.  Katsuko means 'Peace'.    I bought  a Peace rose in her memory.   Thank you for all the pleasure you have given us Katie.   She taught me that not all Shibas want to be top dog.   She loved being told what to do by the others and just could not cope without them


Amy (Ch Mymsin Amai)


Amai means 'Sweet' and she certainly is.   She has the most perfect temperament and loves everything around her.   Who could I mate her to?  Once again I had planned her first mating for the third season or two years old.   Amy had other ideas.   Luckily I had decided to mate her to her half brother Hickey (Hikaru).   They beat me to it and on her second season at 18 months they got together.   I had hoped for an Amy daughter but once again I had three dogs!   Barry Day had wanted Amy so I had promised him a puppy from her first litter.   He chose Akira (Sonny).   Oki did live with a little boy and girl in Cheam but they moved to the US and Oki went to live with their Grandmother in London.   I wanted to keep Akiko (Little Red) but Pete said quite rightly I could only keep two males.   Little Red went to live in Essex with a lovely family but sadly they have lost contact.   I know he is happy but I hate to lose touch with my babies.   
 I have heard that he has sired some nice puppies. 


Amy has had a spectacular show career. She and Henry her brother both won their first tickets under Debbie Mulligan at Birmingham.   Her second was at Leeds under Chris Thomas and her third and crowning ticket was under Keith Nathan at Windsor when she went on to become Utility Group Two under Derek Smith.  

Our next Show was Welsh Kennel Club where we had an unbelievable day.   Our judge was Chris Barry who found her BCC in Amy and her DCC and BOB in Hickey (Mymsin Hikaru).   Her total wins at championship shows are 9 BB & 1 BOB without Challenge Certificates and 8 BB, 1 BOB and Windsor Utility Group 2 .

For those of you who are kind enough to read this and who live abroad a British Champion is created by first winning one's class at a Championship Show where Challenge Certificates for the breed are on offer.   Unbeaten class winners then go into the ring to compete for Best Dog.   The Winner receives the DCC.    Then the Bitch winners go in and in their turn the winner receives the BCC.   These then compete together and the Best of Breed is decided.   This dog then competes in the Utility Group.   If lucky enough to win this he/she competes against other Group winners for Best in Show.   In order to become a Champion the dog has to win a CC under three different judges.

Amy was now 7 years old and I desperately wanted an Amy daughter to carry on the tradition. I mated her to Liz Dunhills' Vormund I'm Picasso.   They had three lovely daughters 24/09/2004.   I named the girls Akimitsu (Autumn Child), Emiko Beautiful Child) and Kimiko (Noble Child).   Kimi has gone to live with her family in Canada.  I just couldn't chose between the other two - they were so different so I kept them both!   I was so delighted with this litter that I asked the Kennel Club for permission to repeat it the following year.

Amy has her final litter


      The great day arrived and Amy took to her bed.   We waited with baited breath as she began to puff and then she turned her back on me.   Usually she gave me her pup to look after whilst she carried on delivering the next one.   Not this time.   She was washing and washing it and I thought there must be something wrong.   In the end I lifted her leg and what did I see?  A small pink face appeared!   In 20 years of breeding Shibas It was the first white I had bred.   It was a boy and I called him Yukishiro (Snow White).   The other three boys followed quite normally.   All beautiful reds.   Amy appeared quite finished and we went to bed pleased that all had gone smoothly.   Suddenly in the night the baby alarm burst into life and I heard the sound of more licking.  I rushed downstairs to find she had given birth to a beautiful little girl.   Once more Amy had done me proud.   They grew apace and in no time at all I had a queue of folk coming to see them.  My friend Marilyn wanted a girl   We called her Hanako (Flower Girl).   Hana has done very well in the ring for Marilyn and has since produced four litters of her own.   She has bred Champion stock.   Belinda had the red boy Benitaka (Red Hawk) better known as Sprokett.   Benitomi (Red Fortune) now called Kenji lives with Elaine in High Wycombe.   Benitaro (Red Boy)- Dexter, lives quite close to me in Hertford.  Our little white Shiro had the sweetest nature and we bacame quite protective of him.   A nice couple came to see him but it wasn't quite right and then a family asked if they could have him.   We were quite cautious because there were six children but we did our house visit and much to our suprise they were delightful children quite used to dealing with pets. Shiro fitted in straight away.   Sadly he developed a brain turmour age two and he had to be pts.   It had never happened to any of my babies before and I pray it never does again.

Jamie, Laura & Shiro



Sonny was one of the boys in Amy's first litter.   He went to a show home but was not happy showing so he came back to us.   He did win two Challenge certificates and only need one more to become a Champion but I don't believe in forcing my shibas to do anything that makes them unhappy so Sonny became a couch potato and the love of Pete's life.  As you can see his favourite place was on Pete's lap.   He missed him dreadfully when he passed away and I don't think he has ever really got over it.   A few weeks ago he developed a tumour on his hind leg.   Luckily it was not malignant and he had an operation to remove it.   It was wrapped around the femoral artery and weighed  7 ounces which is a lot for a small dog.   Sonny soon recovered and is back to his normal self.


Emi & Mitzi

Emi & Mitzi 

The girls are so different Emi is robustly built like her grandmother Nessie and loves to be cuddled.   Mitzi is tall, elegant and very clever.   She is the one that gets poor Emi into trouble.  I have been delighted at the success they have had in the ring.   Mitzi was awarded her first CC at Kelso Championship show at the age of just 8 months and was BP,BB & BOB at Southern Counties (without tickets).   Emi not to be outdone was BP & Res BCC at South Wales.  Pete had to go into hospital for a hip replacement so I drove to Bournemouth on my own.    Bournemouth Ch (no tickets) was Emi's turn to be the star.   She won BP, BB,& BOB.   Unfortunately she had a bad scare in the big ring that turned her into a nervous wreck.   I bought her home and took her to ringcraft and she crawled on he tummy - tail down.   A sight I had never seen before.   After 3 weeks at ringcraft she didn't seem any better.  Pete was now recovering from his operation so he accompanied me to Richmond.   It was a beautiful day and Emi had brightened up so we took her and she behaved impecably gaining second in the puppy class.   Mitzi beat her and won RBB & BP.    They continued their winning ways but Emi didn't really enjoy showing so we thought that when she was older we would mate her.

Pete and I used to take all our Shibas in the caravan to the Championship shows.   That was our holiday.   Sadly since he passed away I can  no longer do this and have had to sell it.

Emi has babies of her own

Emi has babies of her own

I usually mate my girls when they are between 18 months and 3 years of age so I began looking for a handsome chap for my girls.   The task was very difficult.   I had used a completely unrelated dog as their father so now I wanted a boy to take me back to my own lines.   The boy I chose was Ch Marilouvale Viva Las Vegas.   His mother was an American Champion from the Copperdots Kennel (Fabulous heads) and his father came from Makoto lines.   My line was based on my Nessie (Makoto Baroness at Mymsin).   Vegas came to stay with us for a week and Emi fell in love much to her sisters' disgust.

Vegas had already stayed with us before to try his wiles on Mitzi but we missed the 'majic moment'.   This time all was well and we put up the whelping pen complete with new fluffy white vetbed.  Emi moved in the week before the birth.   The majic 27th arrived and at 12.30pm she started digging and scratching and shortly after the first boy arrived.   He was very long but a lovely red.   Emi was shocked and tried to wrap him in vetbed.   She just didn't know what to do with this thing.   A few moments later a little red girl with a black mask was born followed later by a breach birth  boy.   Poor Em had trouble with this one.   This was the first time I had to deal with a complicated birth.   The boy finally put in an appearance in a rush and he was quickly followed by two more girls.   Both red and with complete uragiro markings (no black mask).   I slept with them the first night and helped Emi by putting them to her and getting them from out under her when she sat on them.   Emi has always been a bit clumsy.  After that I felt it was safe to rely on the baby alarm.   The second night she had me downstairs twice - the third time I shone the torch straight into her eyes.   She gathered her babies to her bosom and let me know I was no longer needed!  Sadly the firstborn boy had breathing problems on the night of the 30th.   He seemed better by 4am so I went to sleep on the floor beside the pen but he started having trouble again.   He was moving about in the morning but I went to look at him after breakfast and he had 'crossed the bridge'.

I know this happens but it was the first time it had happened to me in 18 years.   I called out the vet to check that all was well with Emi and the other pups.   He told me that it was quite usual to lose one or more pups out of a litter and I was extremely lucky not to have lost more and my methods were exemplary.   The other pups and Emi passed with flying colours.  It didn't stop the sadness at his death though.  Her son is buried under a ceanathus in the garden.   The vet thought he had an undeveloped tracia due to his position in the womb. 

I had some lovely folk on my waiting list.   I kept Taro who won my heart the minute he popped out.   The Last Geisha went to live with Marie  Bryans (Vegas' owner).   She too has produced Champion stock.  Kiichi (Momo) lives just across the road.   Zoe is living near Newmarket.   We all met up for a picnic and it was wonderful to see what great homes they all have.   Emi gave them all a good wash but was pleased to see them go at the end of the day.   Geisha couldn't come because she lives too far away.

Emi's 2008 Litter


Emi now had her second litter.   This time she excelled herself by giving us FIVE! A cream girl named Kenzi who lives close by with a lovely family and is shown.   Her white sister also lives nearby and is in a kind and loving pet home.   Her companion is a Cavalier and her owners say the cavvy has the cleanest ears ever!.  The little red girl named Yoshiaki went to live with a family in Surrey but it didn't work out and she is now back home with me and will never leave again.   I have started showing her to build up her confidence and she is doing very well in the ring.   The two red boys stayed with us a little longer.   Ben went to live with a German Spitz and Harvey went to live with Zoe in Newmarket.   Jason and Lyndsey have waited for him ever since they had Zoe and I suggested that they let Zoe grow up first before getting another shiba.   Zoe loves him to pieces and has turned into quite the big sister. Harvey, Ben & Kenzi plus Taro & Mitzi all featured in the shiba article in the October 2008 issue of Dogs Today.

 Ben & Harvey

Emi's 2009 litter

Sadly my Pete was very ill with metastatic cancer of the colon.   It had spread to his lungs, kidneys and liver.   We were very lucky in as much as we had so much help from the District and Isabel Nurses.  They came every day to help me.   My Pete knew his time was limited and wanted to die at home. 

Emi was in season so I shut her in the garden.   I was upstairs with Pete and the District Nurse and the Isabel Nurse was downstairs with the Shibas.   Suddenly there was a lot of shouting and screaming from the garden.   The nurse was saying how sorry she was.   She thought Taro wanted to go out for a wee but he had different ideas and mated his mother.   The result was three beautiful girls.   The KC allowed me to register them  but the 'not for breeding' endorsement cannot be lifted.   They have all gone to excellent homes.   One lives with two cats another with a dear little girl and the third with a really nice couple in London.   The first photo is Ella with a friend.   The second Molly with her little owner and the third Mitsi with her friend.


Life has been difficult without my Pete.   I miss him very much.   I could never have coped without my Shibas.   I HAD to get up and take them out.   Now I had to do six walks a day on my own.   I could only manage three at a time so we start with two walks at 7am then two more at 3.30pm and the final bedtime walks 10pm.   They make me laugh and certainly keep me on my toes!

Sadly Mitsi's owners separated and I was asked to rehome her.   A charming Chinese chap has adopted her and has renamed her 'Mitsu'.   He has taken many videos of her and put them on uTube.   He has trained her and her little companion Ben (who is a Chihuahua x Shih Tzu) to a really high standard.   She is now living at the seaside in a happy loving home.


Mymsin Kentaro

Mymsin Kentaro

Taro was quite lonely when his siblings left so I gave him Moosie (a green stuffed toy)for company.   He had two things that he loved - Moosie and a stone in the garden.   He has grown out of Moosie but still loves his stone and can often be seen sitting with his feet on it.   He has a fabulous temperament and is the star everywhere he goes.   Everyone loves him and he loves the world.  He was in the  DOGS TODAY Shiba special in October 2008 along with Mitzi & the pups Ben, Harvey &Kenzie.

Taro and his sister Mymsin The Last Geisha At Marilouvale went to the Club Championship Show in October in October 2007.     Taro was beaten by his half bother Diego but The Geisha went on to be BPIS.   Since then not only have they done very well but The Geishas' progeny have too. Taro & Geisha attended the Club Open Show where Taro was BPIS and Res Best Dog Giesha was Best Puppy Bitch only being beaten by Taro.   He really started to mature when he was three years of age and has gained two Res DCC's.   The first at Windsor Championship and the second at Midland Counties 2010. Geisha is now a Champion.

The story of Taro becoming a father for the first time is part of Emi's story.   I have had several request to use him at stud and now that I know he is fit and healthy I will consider them.  

There is a waiting list for his pups and I intend to use him on Yoshi the next time she is in season.

Taro has since been used on a few bitches.   His first litter was with Kenzi (Yoshis white sister who lives in Potters Bar). She had two red girls and a red boy.   The next was to an unrelated girl who had just one red boy.   He then mated a red girl in Horsham and she has had three red girls and two red boys. He now has progeny winning in the ring.


Mymsin Yoshiaki


Sadly Yoshi's home didn't work out and her owners asked if I would take her back.   She came home and will never go anywhere else.   She is a sweet girl and Taro is absolutely devoted to her.   I started to take her to ringcraft and to small shows to build her confidence up.   She took to it like a duck to water!   She is now being shown at Championship level and has won two Res BCC's.

She is beautifully sound and has a very loving temperament.   Yoshi is not comfortable around small children and tends to bark to make them stay away.   She is gradually overcoming this and I have hopes of her regaining her confidence completely.

Thanks to Yoshi and Taro I have now started to attend dog shows again


Yoshi Has Pups 11/12/11

Yoshi was now three years old and I wanted a little girl to show so I mated her to Taro (Mymsin Kentaro).   He has sired a few litters and all were beautiful reds.   This time he was true to form and we have two beautiful little girls and one handsome boy.   The pups in the photo are four days old.   At 14 days they had trebled their weight and are all clear reds.   The dark mask will fade and the full uragiro (white) markings will come through within the next few weeks.   My little girl Aka Momo (red peach) opened her eyes  (26/12/2011) and the others  opened theirs shortly afterwards.  I encourage people to visit my pups as Shibas need a lot of socialising even before their eyes and ears open.   They can still smell a kind and loving person.    The little boy will go to a couple who have been waiting two years for one of my boys and the  other little girl, Kimi will live with Mitzi and her family.  

Yoshi finally got down to her job as Mother.   I was worried at first because she seemed to be very hard on her pups.   It turns out that she was potty training them.   At the grand old age of three weeks they ran to the newspaper as soon as they awoke to do a wee.   Once she had that established she moved on to training them to use the dog flap.   The boy whose KC name is Ichiro is now known as George.   His family said they have been calling him George for the past two years.   He was first to learn and he could go out into the run in the garden on his own.   She stands at the top of the little ramp I have and lifts the dog flap on her head and encourages the babies to climb up the ramp one side and down the other.   When they try she gives them a milk feed.   It is amazing to see her teaching them with the reward or punishment programme.   I would never make a pup cry but they don’t seem to hold it against her and now she cuddles them just as much as any of my other bitches.   I think perhaps she was a bit frightened of the noise they made at first – after all she was a maiden bitch.  

Yoshi & Taro





 This is George (Mymsin Ichiro).   He was the first of the pups to leave.   His new people are a lovely couple and he has settled in really well.   Here is a photo of the girls Kimi and Momo

Here  is Yoshi holding the flap up for the pups.



I will update the photos from time to time.

Now is the time to move to each Shibas own page.  Momo has hers as does Yoshi.   I am hoping the next time Yoshi is in season I will be able to mate her and keep a little girl for myself.