Momo's Firework Litter

Poor Momo had a hard pregnancy with this one.   She had morning sickness all the way through and lost her hair due to raging hormones.   She also was VERY snappy with her mum Yoshi. Domini scanned her and forecast 6th November but due to the fireworks it became 5th November so I have called this my 'Firework Litter'.   She was scanned with two live pups and one partially resorbed (that is when the body resorbs the foetus back into the system).  Fingers crossed that nothing would happen to the other two.  I had planned this litter hoping for a little red girl for me.   The fireworks started and Momo started digging and rushing around the house.  She didn't want her whelping pen.   She was just beside herself.   The first pup appeared at 10.10pm.   A red boy. He weighed 8 3/4oz  At 10.50pm she produced a red girl who weighed 7 1/2oz.   They both looked beautiful and only time will tell if she develops into a show girl.  They are both gaining weight at the rate of two ounces a day. Week one they had more than doubled their weight.   Week two and time to cut their nails and start worming.   They now are KC registered with Hanabi (Firework) as the girls name and Hidama (Fireball) for the boy. Hanabi's eyes have now opened and both of them can now hear so this is when the fun starts!

The Coke can I use in the photos is just 4.5" high so you can see how the pups grow. The first photo is four days old and the photo of Momo is just after she gave birth.


 This is two weeks.   Little girl on left and boy on right.