In memory of my very much loved and much missed Shibas of my heart.


Mymsin Mirai

11/01/96 - 06/02/2014

Mirai was 18 when she passed away. She was such a character.   Such a DIVA!  She always wanted to be a one only and when my friend Christine lost both Suki and Megi in a very short period of time she looked after Mirai for a couple of days and then asked if she could keep her.   It was a partnership made in heaven.   Her every desire was granted and she loved every moment of her time with Chris and Trevor.

Rest in peace Mirai.


Mymsin Emiko

24/09/2004 - 25/03/2014

This is the last photo of our Little Fat Em.

She was loved by all who knew her.   A perfect mum to all her children.   Taro was in her last litter.   Her final years were spent with Shelley and Franco who gave her a loving, caring home and are devastated by her loss.   As heartbreaking as it was for them they made the decision to let her cross the bridge to save her further suffering.

Run free Em.   You have many friends and relations waiting for you across the Rainbow Bridge.


Mymsin Akira - Sonny

Sonny & Pete

My Sonny has gone.   I had to have him PTS today.  He was just short of his 15th birthday and was my last link with my Pete.   He was Pete's dog and worshiped him so now perhaps they are back together across the Rainbow Bridge.   Rest in peace my lovely boy.   


Ch Mymsin Amai (Amy)

(Ch Kerrilands Total Majic x (Makoto Baroness At Mymsin)






Ch Mymsin Amai – My Amy


23/12/96 -15/06/2012


My Amy has gone.  She was a loving and beautiful girl.   Everyone who met her loved her.  

She was my companion and without her I could not have coped with the loss of Pete.   She took his place on the bed and nestled into my back making sure that I never felt alone.

Amy was a star in the ring but above all a wonderful mother and friend.   I still have her sons, Sonny and Taro, her granddaughter Yoshi and great granddaughter Momo at home.

I held her in my hand when I whelped her, in my arms to help her across the bridge and in my heart forever.


Rest in peace Amy.


 Makoto Baroness At Mymsin

 My Nessie 17/11/90 - 23/05/05



Nessie was the light of my life.  She gave me so much pleasure over the last fourteen years but tragedy had to strike.   The story of her last few days is thus;   my poor Nessie had a stroke on the 17th May and Pete told me I must make a decision about her future.   It was so hard!   She was 14 and my most favourite girl.   I believed she had gone blind and I know a blind Shiba can't cope but the next day she seemed stronger but terrified of moving.   She had stopped eating and drinking so I asked the vet to call.   When he arrived he agreed she had had a stroke but was not blind.   While he was with her she started to stand on her own and even took a couple of steps.   She did a wee on the carpet.   He thought she would recover in the next few days.   I decided that if she got any worse or had another stroke I would definitely have her PTS but I just couldn't do it while there was hope.   She had started to take liquid and I took her out every hour to see if she wanted go to the loo and to try to get her to walk.   I am very good at giving advice but she was so very precious to me.   Now I knew she was not blind I felt we could wait a few days.   By the 22nd Nessie was  walking 25 - 40 yards quite easily.   She even managed to jump over the front step but was still not eating.   Monday 23rd May She took a turn for the worse and I had to make the hardest call to the vet.   He came at 4pm and agreed that her time had come.   He gave her the injection and she fell asleep in my arms.   She was such a special girl.   We had many names for her - Happiness, Grumpiness, Puppyness - all depending on her varied moods.   I would like to thank Roy and Janet Mulligan for giving me 14 wonderful years with a unique little person.   Everyone who met her was aware of how special she was. Her daughter Amy has now crossed the bridge age 16.  Hoshi lives  5 minutes away but sadly Henry passed away from a heart attack after he moved to Spain with his owners.  Tojo is still living in London.  Nessie is the only Shiba I have kept at home.   She is buried in the garden under a Japanese lamp that lights every night at 9pm.   I still say 'goodnight Ness' to her when I come back from my evening walk with the other Shibas.

                                         Mymsin Chikara


Some time ago Chiko had an accident.   Nessie was scraping her feet after a wee and some earth went in Chiko's eye.   He developed an infection and the vet thought it was cured.   We know our own dogs best though and I wasn't satisfied so made an appointment for Peter Bedford to see him.   The infection had cleared up on the surface but was festering away below and my poor Chiko developed glaucoma caused by trauma.   He eventually went blind in one eye but was coping.   One morning he started to scream and refused to move.   He had lost the sight of the other eye.   He was terrified and in excruciating pain.   I just couldn't bear to see my boy suffer and had the vet come home and help him cross the bridge.   I gave him some arnica and cuddled him until the vet came.   I stroked him and spoke of the wonderful time we had together.   He was such a handsome boy - everyone loved him.   Such a character.   He had given me ten short years of love.  The least I could do was save him more pain and distress and let him go knowing I was there stroking and loving him.   He is the Shiba on my cards and headed paper. 

Rest in peace my Chiko the Clown