Here are some of the most often used remedies



Remember that there is a very precise way to give the tablets. The dog must not eat or drink for 20 mins either side of the dose.  DO NOT HANDLE the pills.   Tip one into a clean spoon and crush it with another then drop the powder onto the dogs tongue.   On no account put it in cheese or anything at all.   If you do you are just wasting your  money.


Abrotanum:   Great for worming pups & adults (2x pups 3x adults).   It is also useful for helping heal oosing umbilical cord.


Aconite:   For bringing down fever.  


Agnus Castus:  For dogs with reduced fertility.


Apis Mel:  Carry it at ALL times.   It is invaluable to cure bee stings.   The swelling comes down immediately.  Apparently is it also useful in dealing with Cystic Ovaries.


Arnica:  For bruises, after operations helps healing.   Use where skin is unbroken.   Reduces shock.  Helps with recovery from birth.    Use the cream on bruised tendons.


Arsen Alb: Has so many uses.   Dry eczema.   Especially good for squirty runs & vomiting.


Aesculus Hippo:  Inflamation of anal glands & veins.


Belladonna:  Mastitis, orchitis, fits, heatstroke.


Bryony:  Eye problems


Calendula:  Wonderful for healing open wounds. Jagged wounds with open nerve endings are better treated with Hypericum.  Can be used as cream or tincture.   Good after dental extractions.


Caulophyllum: Helps revive labour.   If used throughout pregnancy will regulate entire gestation.   Used for treating pyometritis.


Cocculus:   Travel sickness



Digitalis:  Heart problems


Echinacea:   Infected bites & stings.   Use in low potency (3x)



Euphrasia:   Variety of eye conditions.  Corneal ulcer, conjuctivitis.


Gelsemium:  Nervous animals.   Helps with fear of showing.


Graphites: Moist Eczema, interdigital cyst.


Hepar Sulph:  Ear canker, interdigital cyst, chronic abscess.   Low potencies 1x - 3x will promote suppuration while higher ones 200c - 1m will abort suppuration.


Ignatia:  The 'Forget me' treatment.   Good for pups when rehoming, and the bitch after the loss of pups.


Lachesis:   Adder bites. Inflammation of mammary glands.


Lycopodium:  Reparatory conditions.  Hepatitis.  


MercSol:  Used for so many things. Canker, dysentery, hepatitis & nephritis


Nat.Mur:  Can be used for some eye problems Anaemia and 'poor doers'


Nux Vomica: Main uses are for abdominal and digestive disorders. Catch bloat early enough and it can help.  Eating poisonous plants.


Phosphorus:  Give a high potency for fear of fireworks.   Also useful PRA treatment


Physostygma:  Useful in the treatment of Glaucoma, epileptic seizures


Podophillum: gastro intestinal treatment of young animals.  Post partum treatment of the bitch'


Psorinum:  Eczema where other remedies have failed.  Only use high potency after other treatments have failed.


Pulsatilla:   Pyometra.   Acts on the ovaries.


Rhus Tox:  Rheumatism.   Tendon sprains.


Ruta Grav:  Tendon weakness.   Rectal prolapse.


Sepia:  Works best with bitches.   Pyo, alopecia, ringworm.   Helps with bitches that reject pups.   Do be careful though.   In some bitches it can make them depressed.


Sulphur:   Eczema.   Sulphur works well with other remedies.


Thuga:  Warty growths.


Urtica Urens:  Renal conditions.  Restores milk flow.

Zinc met:  Excellent for helping in old age.   It gives your elderly Shiba an extension of its useful life.


Nosodes:   These should only be used with caution.   I advise that a homeopathic vet be consulted.


The books I use are: A Veterinary Materia Medica by G Macleod.

Dogs: Homeopathic Remedies by George Macleod.

Heal Your Dog The Natural Way by Richard Allport.


And my 'Bible' Homeopathic Medicine For Dogs by H G Wolff.   If you buy nothing else buy this one!


I use one remedy for a week.   If it doesn't work then try another.   The most useful potencies are 6x & 30x.   I prefer Ainsworths remedies.   They seem to be more effective.   They have a wonderful help system.   Ask for someone who can help with dogs and they will give whatever info you need.