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My Testimony To God:



My name is Amanda;  I am seventeen years old from the good ole' state of Louisiana.  I would like to take you along on my personal journey with the Lord to get to where I am now.

I have always been raised in church, for as long as I could possibly remember.  One day, I heard my mom praising God for something He did that was so awesome.  I knew right then that I wanted to be close to a God that could do something so powerful.  I really became interested in getting to know more of Him.  I felt God speaking to me in my heart, at that moment, I thought I was being saved.  I allowed God into my life, but not as my Savior at that time.  With Mother's Day right around the corner, I went before my church and announced that I felt I had been saved.  On Mother's Day, I was baptized...that was my gift to my mom.  I was only eight years old then. 


I continued going to church thinking that I was a saved person, and I lived a Christian life.  Well, that went on for a couple of years and eventually faded away.  I drifted far from the Lord, only to feel alone when painful times come about in my life. 


A few years later, many horrible things happened to me in my life.  Realizing now that everything happens for a reason, I feel honored that Jesus would use me as an example and inspiration to others who have been through similar misfortunes.  I felt that the Lord had turned His back on me, and  forgot all about me.  I knew He never left His children, but there was that doubt of whether or not I really was His. 


In Junior High I went through many years often feeling suicidal like I had no reason to live, praise God the attempts were not successful.  I went a few years with no church, no ministering, NOTHING.  As a freshman in High School-my best friends were labeled as "Freaks".  I liked having all the attention when we walked down the halls and everything else we did as a group.  Although, I never did drugs or have sex with them I was known as a freak by association.  My GPA seriously dropped, and I became the person I thought people expected me to be.  I wore the black clothes, ball chains, etc.  It wasn't till I was a sophomore that I realized how far I had drifted from the Lord, and just how bad I needed Him. 


I prayed and asked Him for forgiveness of all the sinful things I did.  I decided it was definitely time for a change in my life.  Everyone saw a totally new me, I started wearing normal clothes, studying and making good grades, going to church and church activities, and I became involved with school.  That's when it hit me like a brick that I was being the person that I wanted to be and the person God wanted me to be as well. 


As a sophomore and a junior I was a very faithful child of God, but not ready for Him to save me from the rest of the world.  It was just a few weeks ago that I met a lady on the internet under the screen name of Angel^A^Mercy, an angel she was indeed.  She has helped me to start forming a relationship with the Lord, and has pointed me in His direction. God really shined into my life through her as to just how powerful he was. She has taught me many things in just this little bit of time.  She is the big sis' I never had!! *S*


My best friends, the ones I've had since elementary, are also Christian's who have made a major impact on my walk with the Lord. Talking to the Lord praising Him, and praying have become something I do everyday no matter what. Now, I walk with Him everyday of my life, He is my life!




I haven't been able to bring myself back to church, a fear I will soon overcome, but I have church in my heart.  I tell as many people, especially the youth, about how wonderful the Lord is.  How forgiving, loving, and understanding He is.  I want the world to be as happy as I have been since I accepted Him as my Savior.