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~Meet Beethoven~

Until November of 2000 my house was very quiet, always clean and in order... the way I like it! LOL! What a major difference a 2 1/2 pound Pup can make!! Beethoven is 3/4 Daschund and 1/4 Bassett hound. He is black, with brown markings - just as his award winning mother. He did inherit his dads big feet and hunter's-nose, and has developed a big hound-dog bark.

At five months old, Beethoven has grown to fit his name. ~*SMile*~ If I am at the computer, I can count on Beethoven napping behind me, sitting between me and the monitor, or demanding that we play 'Fetch' - with his 'Yellow Frog' or 'green Cow' - His two favorite toys. He's cute, and he makes me laugh! I think he's fulfilling his 'purpose' well. hehehe!

When Beetoven first adopted me, his ears were very long - and in fact, would easily wrap around his nose. Some looked at him and saw "Dumbo" - When I look at Beez ears I see Wings! He can Fly! ~*SMile*~ Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.