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Muggsey and Vixxen's Cyber Space


My name is Muggsey and I the big male pinto Akita in the picture above. That picture was taken at my 2nd Birthday party.. I was born on September 8, 2000. My Mommy got me in Florida. It was a really long drive back to my house in New York. I live the car a lot, but that was too much of a car ride. I was a very good boy all the way home, I didn't even bark or cry. My Mommy loves me lots, she tells me all of the time and sometimes she kisses and hugs me a little bit too much, but at least I know I am lucky because I am loved. I have seen Mommy looking at a lot of web sites with these Akitas they call "rescues". I think they are the same kind of dog as I am, but they just need to find a new Mommy that will love them like mine loves me. I think that is how I got my baby sister Vixxen. We had to take another long car drive to get her. We drove to Maryland where I got to meet Vixxen and her foster Mommy Sheila from Gunpowder Akita Rescue. I am so glad now that Mommy got my rescue sister, even though I was a little upset at first. We are the best of friends. Here are some pictures of me!





Hi, my name is Vixxen but my Mommy and Daddy call me Baby Girl, so I guess I have 2 names. I like having 2 names. Thatís a picture of Me and my brother Muggsey when we went on vacation to a cool cabin in the woods! I'm the smaller one, but maybe someday I will be as big as my big brother. After my Akita Mommy and Daddy had me, their owner took us and my parents to a shelter. If it weren't for my foster Mommy, Sheila, who knows what could have happened to me and my siblings and parents. One day a nice lady, with her dog came and put me in a crate in her truck. We were in the car for a while, and then I was at this cool house with lots and lots of toys for me to chew on. I don't think Muggsey (my big brother) liked me to much that first day, but now we play together all of the time and he even cleans my ears for me. I like it when he does that, it makes me feel really special and loved. My Mommy says I was born on February 20, 2002. That makes me almost a big girl now. I hope they still call me Baby Girl after I am a grown up like Muggsey. Here are some pictures of me!



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