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My Fontaine Family

Thank you for visiting my Fontaine page. I am just starting , and hope you will keep checking back. I have reached a wall with this Fontaine line. My Great-grandmother is Antonia Fontaine, who married Joseph Moreau in 1884 in Woonsocket, RI. I have information on Antonia's mother, but have not been able to find her father's line. He is listed as Joseph on Antonia's birth record, and as Eusebe on her baptismal certificate. There is much speculation that he is of the Pion dit Fontaine line, but I have not found any connections. I would be happy to correspond with anyone who is also researching Fontaines, and please, if you have any clue as to my Joseph/Eusebe, please contact me.
My Great-Grandma Fontaine, whom I knew as Nanny Moreau, apparently lived a very active and colorful life. She lived in several different places, owned property in Ma., RI, and Cn. She and her husband, Joseph Moreau, divorced while the children were still young, and it was left to "Annie" to provide for the children. I remember visiting her , while I was a teenager, in her home very near to Crescent Park, in Riverside, RI., where she apparently owned several pieces of property. She was then residing with Tom Stebbins, and I only have warm memories of enjoying her company.
This page will shortly contain the genealogy report--as much as I have to date.

Descendants of JOSEPH FONTAINE

Generation No. 1

1. JOSEPH1 FONTAINE was born Abt. 1838 in Canada1. He married PHILOMENE (I have some documentation that indicates this was Philomene BISAILLON, daughter of George and Adelaide)

Age 30 at the birth of daughter, Mary, Oct 23, 1868 Wife's first name is Philomena according to the birth records of daughter, Mary.
Had at least 4 children---birth record states that Mary is the 4th child.

Hopkinton shows a birth of Napoleon Fontaine, 3rd child of Joseph and Ann, May 17, 1866-----could be relative

Immigrated: Bef. 1868, to Rhode Island2
Occupation: 1868, Laborer3

2. i. MARY ANTONIA2 FONTAINE, b. October 23, 1868, Hopkinton, R.I.; d. July 13, 1960, Providence, R.I..

Generation No. 2

2. MARY ANTONIA2 FONTAINE (JOSEPH1) was born October 23, 1868 in Hopkinton, R.I.4, and died July 13, 1960 in Providence, R.I.5. She married JOSEPH ILDELGE MOREAU6 May 04, 1884 in Woonsocket, RI, son of AMABLE MOREAU and JULIENNE ROBERGE.

Mary's name was Antonia. Recorded as Mary on her birth certificate.
She was known as Annie most of her life, and recorded as such in census.
She was divorced or separated from Joseph Moreau at an unknown time. Family member states that the children were young when they were divorced.
She owned property in Conn. according to family history.
Also, she owned property in Riverside, RI, where she resided with Tom Stebbins until her illness and death.
She resided in several rest homes before she died.
From a conversation with one of her grandsons, she owned 2 hotels in Conn., one in New Haven, one in Hartford--an apartment house on Pawtucket Ave. in Pawtucket, RI--and a block of houses in Riverside facing the entrance to Crescent Park.
She died in the state hospital in Cranston , RI. after an accidental fall on the floor of her ward .
Length of stay in hospital, 4-10-59.
Informant on death certificate: Son, Wilfred Moreau, 665 Bullocks Point Ave., East Prov. RI

Feb 3, 2001 (I think these are Annie's parents) From marriage registry of 1879 recorded in City of Prov. RI:
May 31 1879--Eusibr Fontaine---residence, Georgiaville--age 38--occ. Weaver--birthplace Canada--parents, John and Maria--1st m.--m. by Charles P. Gaboury, R.C. Pastor
Philomine Bisaillon--residence Georgiaville--age 39--birthplace, Canada--parents, George and Adelaide, 1st m.

Feb 3, 2001 information from e-mail :
1900 RI census:
Joseph , Annie, and 7 children living; Lincoln Town, Prov. co.; Annie age 31
1920 RI census:
Annie Moreau, 51, living with Arthur Moreau, 506 Paw. Ave, Pawtucket, Prov. Co.
Therefore, Annie and Joseph were separated sometime between 1900 and 1920.

I visited her in Riverside (near Crescent Park) until I was 17 years of age.
My personal feelings were that I liked her a lot, and felt warm in her presence, and that she was always happy to see me. I remember having to climb many steps to reach her front door, and the house had lots of furniture and knic-knacks. Tom was always there, but hardly ever spoke. She gave me a ring that I thought was a diamond, because she was reputed to have a lot of money, by our family's standards. I remember lots of photos on her wall--especially the pair of popular prints of a boy infant and a girl infant asleep. I since have loved those pictures. She knew I loved them , and offered them to me one day. I was so happy that she did, but I responded in my usual timid way with "I don't care". So, needless to say, she shrugged and never gave them to me. I never responded with "I don't care" any more. I still thank her for the gift of the offer. I am happy for the memories of my "Nanny Moreau".

Funeral Mass was in St. Brendan's Church in Riverside, RI. I was never notified of her death.

My father said he remembers visiting her family near where the Indians lived by the Saguenay River---across the river from Rivieres de Loup. He also thinks that she has some native ancestry.

Have seen his name spelled as Joseph S. Moreau, Joseph Morrow, and Joseph Eldedge Moreau.
Unable to find Church records of marriage in Woonsocket. Civic records only.

i. OSCAR JOSEPH ALDEGE3 MOREAU, b. August 16, 1884, St. James Parish, Manville, RI.
ii. ANNA MOREAU, b. November 1885; m. PETE CHARPENTIER8.
iii. ARTHUR MOREAU, b. September 1887.

Arthur Moreau owned a house on Island Rd. in Norton, Ma. that was brilt by Herman Malouin in 1943. In 2000 it was owned by Estelle George.
Residence: 1920, 506 Pawtucket Ave., Pawtucket, RI9

iv. CLARA MOREAU, b. August 05, 1890.
Baptised: August 05, 1890, St. James Parish, Manville, RI
Godparents: Louis Laforet & Philomene Godin

4. v. CLARA MARIE MOREAU, b. March 19, 1892, Manville, R.I.; d. May 03, 1943, Pawtucket, Rhode Island.
5. vi. CHARLEY MOREAU, b. May 1893.
vii. DELIA MOREAU, b. February 03, 1895, Manville, RI; m. PHILIPPE N. HEROUX, May 05, 1919, St. John-Baptist, Pawtucket, RI10.

Baptised: February 05, 1895, St. James Parish, Manville, RI
Godparents: February 05, 1895, Joseph Grenon & Elize Lange

viii. JOSEPH WILFRED (WILLIAM)MOREAU, b. October 27, 1896, Manville, RI.
Notes from baptismal record: Father from St. Cuthbert, Pq & mother from Uxbridge , Ma.
More About JOSEPH WILFRED (WILLIAM)MOREAU: Baptised: October 29, 1896, St James, Manville , RI10
Godparents: October 29, 1896, Jeremie Brodeur & Angelina Champagne

Generation No. 3

3. OSCAR JOSEPH ALDEGE3 MOREAU (MARY ANTONIA2 FONTAINE, JOSEPH1) was born August 16, 1884 in St. James Parish, Manville, RI. He married ALICE GAGNON.

Baptised: August 23, 1885, St. James Parish, Manville, RI
Godparents: August 23, 1885, Oscar Roberge & Virginia Lamoureux
Residence: 1920, 41 Webb St., Pawtucket, RI11

Children of OSCAR MOREAU and ALICE GAGNON are:
br> 4. CLARA MARIE3 MOREAU (MARY ANTONIA2 FONTAINE, JOSEPH1) was born March 19, 1892 in Manville, R.I.12, and died May 03, 1943 in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. She married HERMAN J MALOUIN November 03, 1908 in Notre Dame, Central Falls, R.I.13, son of CYRILLE MALOUIN and MALVINA BELANGER.

Her daughter , Lillian, listed her mother's name as Clara Belle Moreau
Baptised: March 21, 1892, St. James, Manville, RI
Burial: Notre Dame Cemetary
Funeral director: Prata Funeral Home
Funeral Mass: St. Cecelia's Church
Godparents: March 21, 1892, Louis Laforet & Philomene Godin
Residence: 1943, 133 Woodbury St.

Herman was sometimes known as Armand Malouin.
Burial: Notre Dame Cemetary, Pawtucket, RI Section 5 Plat 1626
Cause of Death: Coronary Thrombosis
Funeral: Prata Funeral Home
Funeral Mass: May 31, 1955, St. Patrick Church, Valley Falls
Medical Information: arteriosclerosis
Occupation: Millwright in Blackstone Valley Mills, among others. See bio notes.
Residence: Bet. 1951 - 1955, 182 Hope St, Cumberland, RI

6. i. HOMER "JOE"4 MALOUIN, d. September 1999, California.
7. ii. JEANNETTE R. MALOUIN, d. September 1999.
8. iii. ANTONIA "ALICE" MALOUIN, b. May 25, 1910, Central Falls, RI.
iv. MARIE IRENE MALOUIN, b. March 27, 1912, Central Falls, RI; d. April 04, 1912, Central Falls, RI.

Info found in 2001 in AFGS--follow up death info found by Leon Asselin in Town Hall , Central Falls. No mention was ever made of this birth by members of family to me, Ilene.
Age at death (Facts Page): 8 days old
Baptism: March 31, 1912, St. Matthew Parish, Central Falls, RI
Godparents: March 31, 1912, Joseph Provost & Malvina Malouin

9. v. CHARLES ARTHUR MALOUIN, b. June 18, 1913, Central Falls, Rhode Island; d. March 02, 1998, Attleboro, Massachusetts.
10. vi. ERNEST J. MALOUIN, b. February 04, 1919, Pawtucket, RI; d. July 20, 1945, Japan---MIA in WW 11.
11. vii. RITA MALOUIN, b. October 30, 1920, Pawtucket, RI; d. April 03, 1995, Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island.
12. viii. JOSEPH WILFRED "BILL" ARMAND MALOUIN, b. December 07, 1921, Pawtucket, RI.
13. ix. DORIS (MARIE DORIS BELLA) MALOUIN, b. May 28, 1926, Pawtucket, Rhode Island; d. December 14, 1962, Los Angeles, California.
14. x. CLAIRE (LILLIAN) MALOUIN, b. August 13, 1927, Pawtucket, RI.
15. xi. THERESA "TERI" MALOUIN, b. November 22, 1930, Seekonk, Mass.
16. xii. DONALD JOSEPH MALOUIN, b. September 05, 1937, Pawtucket, RI.


Residence: 1920, 65 Darling, Central Falls, RI

i. BEATRICE4 MOREAU, b. April 1920.

Generation No. 4 6. HOMER "JOE"4 MALOUIN (CLARA MARIE3 MOREAU, MARY ANTONIA2 FONTAINE, JOSEPH1) died September 1999 in California. He married HEIDI FUROR. More About HOMER "JOE" MALOUIN: Military service: U.S. Navy Children of HOMER MALOUIN and HEIDI FUROR are: i. JAMES5 MALOUIN. ii. DANIEL MALOUIN. 7. JEANNETTE R.4 MALOUIN (CLARA MARIE3 MOREAU, MARY ANTONIA2 FONTAINE, JOSEPH1) died September 1999. She married (1) JOSEPH ZAWASKY. She married (2) ALBERT EARL JOHNSON. Child of JEANNETTE MALOUIN and JOSEPH ZAWASKY is: 17. i. DALE5 ZAWASKY. Child of JEANNETTE MALOUIN and ALBERT JOHNSON is: ii. CHERYL5 JOHNSON, b. Memorial Hospital; m. ERNEST PARFITT. 8. ANTONIA "ALICE"4 MALOUIN (CLARA MARIE3 MOREAU, MARY ANTONIA2 FONTAINE, JOSEPH1)14 was born May 25, 1910 in Central Falls, RI14. She married PHILIP CARUFEL. Notes for ANTONIA "ALICE" MALOUIN: Marie Antonia "Alice" could not have natural children. Her son Philip was adopted. She was married several times. More About ANTONIA "ALICE" MALOUIN: Baptism: May 29, 1910, Notre Dame Parish , Central Falls, RI14 Godparents: Joseph Moreau & Antonia Fontaine Child of ANTONIA MALOUIN and PHILIP CARUFEL is: i. PHILIP5 CARUFEL. 9. CHARLES ARTHUR4 MALOUIN (CLARA MARIE3 MOREAU, MARY ANTONIA2 FONTAINE, JOSEPH1) was born June 18, 1913 in Central Falls, Rhode Island15, and died March 02, 1998 in Attleboro, Massachusetts16. He married MARIE SIMONNE LAMONTAGNE May 04, 1935 in Our Lady of Consolation Church , Pawtucket, RI17, daughter of ELPHEGE LAMONTAGNE and CHRISTIANA HOGUE. Notes for CHARLES ARTHUR MALOUIN: see bio folder Places of employment: Pickatinny Arsenal, New Jersey; Pratt & Whitney, Hartford, Conn.; Whiting and Davis, Plainville, Ma. from where he retired. More About CHARLES ARTHUR MALOUIN: Baptismal: June 22, 1913, Sacred Heart Church, Central Falls, R.I. Burial: May 04, 1998, Timothy Plain Cemetary, Norton , Ma. Burial was on the wedding anniversary date of Charles & Marie, his wife Cause of Death: Pneumonia Cremation: March 05, 1998 Funeral: Norton Memorial Funeral Home Funeral Mass: St. Mary Church, Norton, Ma. Godparents: June 22, 1913, Charles Moreau & Antonia Moreau Medical Information: Severe rheumatoiod arthritis, coronary artery disease Occupation: Machinist Notes for MARIE SIMONNE LAMONTAGNE: see bio folder Birth certificate not available. Never recorded. She was born at home. More About MARIE SIMONNE LAMONTAGNE: Baptism: July 17, 1913, Notre Dame de Consolation, Paw. , R.I. Burial: Timothy Plain Cemetary, Norton , Ma. Godparents: July 17, 1913, Gabriel and Alvine Lamontagne Marriage Notes for CHARLES MALOUIN and MARIE LAMONTAGNE: Maid of Honor was Rita Malouin, sister of Charles. Best Man was Ferdinand Lamontagne, brother of Marie. Children of CHARLES MALOUIN and MARIE LAMONTAGNE are: 18. i. MARY ILENE5 MALOUIN, b. September 03, 1938, Hamilton St., Newton, New Jersey. 19. ii. RONALD CHARLES MALOUIN, b. September 12, 1941. 10. ERNEST J.4 MALOUIN (CLARA MARIE3 MOREAU, MARY ANTONIA2 FONTAINE, JOSEPH1)18 was born February 04, 1919 in Pawtucket, RI, and died July 20, 1945 in Japan---MIA in WW 11. He married CLARICE SAVOIE November 30, 1939 in St. Cecelia Parish, Pawtucket, RI. Notes for ERNEST J. MALOUIN: Sergeant Ernest J. Malouin, a B29 Superfortress gunner, was on his first bombing mission when he was first reported missing in action, July 20, 1945. He was a member of an 11 man crew which left Saipan on a night bombardment mission over Hitachi, Japan. Unconfirmed reports say the plane was seen to crash and explode in the water after leaving the target. An extensive search was made without result. Inducted from: Rhode Island Rank: Sergeant Combat Organization: 877th Bomber Squadron 499th Bomber Honolulu, Hawaii, United States Status: Missing U.S. Awards: Purple Heart Medal Air Medal Name recorded in Parish Records--Joseph Alfred Russell notation in Baptism repertoire---married as Ernest Joseph More About ERNEST J. MALOUIN: Age at death (Facts Page): 27 years Baptised: February 09, 1919, St. Cecelia Parish, Pawtucket, RI19 Godparents: Alfred Narcisse Provost & M. Elisabeth Malouin Marriage Notes for ERNEST MALOUIN and CLARICE SAVOIE: Married as Ernest Joseph Name recorded at birth was Joseph Alfred Russell Children of ERNEST MALOUIN and CLARICE SAVOIE are: i. LORRAINE5 MALOUIN, b. January 19, 1941, Pawtucket, RI; m. JOHN GRAHAM PREST, July 01, 1961, St. John, Attleboro, Ma.. ii. JACQUELINE RITA MALOUIN, b. December 30, 1942, Pawtucket, RI; m. PAUL RUSHLOW, January 20, 1970, St. Mark, Attleboro Falls, MA. 11. RITA4 MALOUIN (CLARA MARIE3 MOREAU, MARY ANTONIA2 FONTAINE, JOSEPH1) was born October 30, 1921 in Pawtucket, RI, and died April 03, 1995 in Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island. She married CLINTON L. WRIGHT. More About RITA MALOUIN: Baptism: October 31, 1920, Se. Cecilia Parish, Pawtucket, RI19 Godparents: Joseph Provost & Malvina Malouin Child of RITA MALOUIN and CLINTON WRIGHT is: 20. i. CLINTON L5 WRIGHT, b. February 17, 1944. 12. JOSEPH WILFRED "BILL" ARMAND4 MALOUIN (CLARA MARIE3 MOREAU, MARY ANTONIA2 FONTAINE, JOSEPH1) was born December 07, 1921 in Pawtucket, RI. He married (1) LEONA "LEE" THERESE L'HEREUX January 15, 1944 in Assumption Catholic Church, Baltimore, MD. He married (2) MARY Aft. 1980. Military service: U.S. Coast Guard Children of JOSEPH MALOUIN and LEONA L'HEREUX are: i. RICHARD5 MALOUIN. ii. MICHAEL MALOUIN. iii. JOEY MALOUIN. 13. DORIS (MARIE DORIS BELLA)4 MALOUIN (CLARA MARIE3 MOREAU, MARY ANTONIA2 FONTAINE, JOSEPH1) was born May 28, 1926 in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, and died December 14, 1962 in Los Angeles, California. She married ARTHUR S. DUFAULT January 04, 1947 in Our Lady of Consolation Church, Pawtucket, RI. More About DORIS (MARIE DORIS BELLA) MALOUIN: Baptism: May 30, 1926, St. Cecelia Parish, Pawtucket, RI Cause of Death: Plane fell on factory where she worked Godparents: Joseph Lavallee & Rosealma Belanger Child of DORIS MALOUIN and ARTHUR DUFAULT is: i. SHIRLEY5 MALOUIN, b. April 12, 1944, Rhode Island; d. October 06, 1977, Los Angeles, California. 14. CLAIRE (LILLIAN)4 MALOUIN (CLARA MARIE3 MOREAU, MARY ANTONIA2 FONTAINE, JOSEPH1) was born August 13, 1927 in Pawtucket, RI. She married (1) LARRY (JULES LAURIER) ASSELIN July 20, 1946 in Notre Dame Parish, Central Falls, RI, son of FRANCOIS ASSELIN and HERMINE GRANGER. Larry died on May 25, 1999. Claire (Lillian) married (2) FRANK MURPHY November 02, 1996 in Sackets Harbor, NY, NY. More About CLAIRE (LILLIAN) MALOUIN: Baptism: August 14, 1927, St. Cecelia Parish, Pawtucket, RI Godparents: Archille Bricault & Louise Malouin Children of CLAIRE MALOUIN and LARRY ASSELIN are: 21. i. PAULETTE LOUISE5 ASSELIN, b. August 14, 1948, Memorial Hospital. 22. ii. DENNIS MICHAEL ASSELIN, b. December 27, 1949, Memorial Hospital, RI. 23. iii. SUSAN CHARLENE ASSELIN, b. October 24, 1954, Sturdy Memorial Hospital, Attleboro, Ma.. 15. THERESA "TERI"4 MALOUIN (CLARA MARIE3 MOREAU, MARY ANTONIA2 FONTAINE, JOSEPH1) was born November 22, 1930 in Seekonk, Mass. She married ROLAND FORTIER September 09, 1948. Child of THERESA MALOUIN and ROLAND FORTIER is: i. JANICE5 FORTIER, b. January 21, 1950. 16. DONALD JOSEPH4 MALOUIN (CLARA MARIE3 MOREAU, MARY ANTONIA2 FONTAINE, JOSEPH1) was born September 05, 1937 in Pawtucket, RI. He married (1) THELMA Abt. 1955. He married (2) EUNICE . He met (3) NORMA . He met (4) DEE-DEE Aft. 1970. He married (5) JENNY Abt. 1988. Notes for DONALD JOSEPH MALOUIN: See separate biographical page. Not for publication. More About DONALD JOSEPH MALOUIN: Baptised: September 12, 1937, St. Cecelia Parish, Pawtucket, RI Godparents: Ernest Malouin & Clarisse Savoie Military service: Entered at age 17 Children of DONALD MALOUIN and THELMA are: i. DEB5 MALOUIN. ii. MIKE MALOUIN. Children of DONALD MALOUIN and EUNICE are: iii. STACEY5 MALOUIN. iv. JAY MALOUIN. Children of DONALD MALOUIN and NORMA are: v. BRENT5 MALOUIN. vi. Mark MALOUIN. Child of DONALD MALOUIN and DEE-DEE is: vii. KIA5 MALOUIN. Generation No. 5 17. DALE5 ZAWASKY (JEANNETTE R.4 MALOUIN, CLARA MARIE3 MOREAU, MARY ANTONIA2 FONTAINE, JOSEPH1). She married ROLAND HEMOND. Children of Dale and Roland are: David, Roland, Bruce, and Lisa. 18. MARY ILENE5 MALOUIN (CHARLES ARTHUR4, CLARA MARIE3 MOREAU, MARY ANTONIA2 FONTAINE, JOSEPH1)21 was born September 03, 1938 in Hamilton St., Newton, New Jersey21. She married (1) ROLAND A. ROBERGE21 July 02, 1956 in North Attleboro, Massachusetts USA22, son of GERARD ROBERGE and CLEMENTINE DION. She married (2) PAUL FRANCIS TRAINOR October 01, 1988 in Norton, Massachusetts, USA. Notes for MARY ILENE MALOUIN: Known as Ilene. "Mary-Ilene" never stuck, as wished by mother. More About MARY ILENE MALOUIN: First Communion: Our Lady of Consolation Church, Paw. R.I. Godparents: Gabriel Lamontagne and Yvonne Forand Children of MARY MALOUIN and ROLAND ROBERGE are: 24. i. DENISE MARIE6 ROBERGE, b. December 31, 1956, Attleboro, Massachusetts. 25. ii. DORINNE THERESA ROBERGE, b. December 22, 1957, Attleboro, Massachusetts. 26. iii. ROLAND ARTHUR ROBERGE, b. April 14, 1959. iv. GREGORY LEONARD ROBERGE, b. November 11, 1965. 19. RONALD CHARLES5 MALOUIN (CHARLES ARTHUR4, CLARA MARIE3 MOREAU, MARY ANTONIA2 FONTAINE, JOSEPH1)23 was born September 12, 1941. He married CHERYL LYNN BERNARD July 27, 1969. Children of RONALD MALOUIN and CHERYL BERNARD are: i. RONALD C6 MALOUIN. ii. SHAWN MALOUIN. 20. CLINTON L5 WRIGHT (RITA4 MALOUIN, CLARA MARIE3 MOREAU, MARY ANTONIA2 FONTAINE, JOSEPH1) was born February 17, 1944. He married Annette Morrisette. Children of Clinton Wright and Annette Morrisette are Kelly and Sherry. 21. PAULETTE LOUISE5 ASSELIN (CLAIRE (LILLIAN)4 MALOUIN, CLARA MARIE3 MOREAU, MARY ANTONIA2 FONTAINE, JOSEPH1) was born August 14, 1948 in Memorial Hospital. She married PAUL JAMESON February 17, 1968 in Notre Dame Church, Central Falls, RI. Paul Jameson died on Sep. 15, 1989 Children of PAULETTE ASSELIN and PAUL JAMESON are: 27. i. BRENT6 JAMESON. 28. ii. GREGG JAMESON. 22. DENNIS MICHAEL5 ASSELIN (CLAIRE (LILLIAN)4 MALOUIN, CLARA MARIE3 MOREAU, MARY ANTONIA2 FONTAINE, JOSEPH1) was born December 27, 1949 in Memorial Hospital, RI. He married JANINA SWITCH. Children of DENNIS ASSELIN and JANINA SWITCH are: i. DAVID6 ASSELIN. ii. DAMIAN ASSELIN. 23. SUSAN CHARLENE5 ASSELIN (CLAIRE (LILLIAN)4 MALOUIN, CLARA MARIE3 MOREAU, MARY ANTONIA2 FONTAINE, JOSEPH1) was born October 24, 1954 in Sturdy Memorial Hospital, Attleboro, Ma.. She married GABRIEL JOHN STEPHEN in St. Ephraim's Church in Central Falls, RI. Children of Susan Charlene Asselin and Gabriel Stephen are: Heather Ann, Courtney Elizabeth, and Jonathan Alexander. Generation No. 6 24. DENISE MARIE6 ROBERGE 25. DORINNE THERESA6 ROBERGE 26. ROLAND ARTHUR6 ROBERGE 27. GREGORY LEONARD ROBERGE

SOURCES: Vital Records Parish Records Obituaries Newspapers Census Records Family members database