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If you are thoroughly familiar with the basic rules of Black Jack, andyou should be, before attempting to play my or any other system, you will win about 43% of the time, loose 47% of the time and push about 10% of the time. In other words, if you "Flat Bet" (the same amount on every hand) you are guaranteed to loose in the long run, even if you play a perfect basic strategy. The only advantage the player has over the house and the reason why millions of players continue playing the game is the fact that the player can double down and split hands and getting paid 3 to 2 on a natural Black Jack, as well as playing a system that protects your winnings and minimizes your losses.

Based on these known averages and this fact, I have devised a system that will allow you to win on average about 40 betting units per hour, guaranteed, or your money back!!. Translated into Dollars this means if you play at the $1 table you will win $40 Dollars per hour – at the $5 table you will win $200 per hour, at the $10 table you will win $400 per hour, etc. Here again, keep in mind this is an average figure, based on my playing experience. I have doubled $1000 at the $5 dollar table within an hour with a lot of luck in winning double downs and getting more than my share of Black Jacks, but I also have played an hour and barely broke even and on occasion also lost a session or two. I have never lost in the long run.

Theoretically, you only have to win 1 out of every 7 hands to beat the dealer, but that win must happen on every 7th hand and you and I know, that this is not going to happen. Even though most of the gambling has been removed from playing Black Jack my way, there is no denial that the cards can run good or bad either way. In other words, there is enough of a chance (about 5%) that the player experiences just plain bad luck. Let’s face it, we are still "gambling" and that’s the time to leave the table, or the machine.

Consistently following the Basic Play Rules is very important if you want to beat the house. You will not beat the house, however, if you consistently play these rules by themselves.

I provide you the Basic Play Rules. Even the casinos show you how to play the basics. The house edge is still about between .65% to 1.4% when playing the basic rules. If you make mistakes that do not follow the basic rules, the house edge rapidly skyrockets to 20% or more. Always play the basic rules no matter what you ‘think’ or ‘feel’. And remember the numbers (classified until you place an order) for standard play and some of my other more aggressive sequences if you are so inclined.

Lucky Ike’s Millennium Black Jack Systemâ is exactly that – a system. When you follow the simple rules of the system you will not need to make random decisions about each individual hand. Always play the basic strategy rules for each individual hand. The only exception to the basic rules will be when you should and should not double down or split.

An added advantage to my system is the fact that it allows you to play for hours at a time if you so choose, accumulating "comp" points from the Casino.

If you are not familiar with most Casinos comp systems, here is a short explanation:


Since the Casino, from their experience, knows how much money they can extract from your pocket in a given period of time, they are willing to return a certain percentage to you in form of complimentary bonuses, such as show tickets, meals, airline tickets, room charges etc. The only requirement is that you have a Player’s Card that you give to the pit boss or insert into the machines so your playing time can be tracked. This card can be obtained from the players club desk at no charge, and if you play long enough you may even become one of their V.I.P.’s. The Casino does not care whether you are a winner or a looser (or do they?)– they comp you for the time spent at gambling, and they want you to come back often. The odds are in the Casinos favor, because the vast majority of their customers loose. Some Casinos also have a $15 minimum bet limit at Black Jack before they will "rate" you as a player.

For instance, if you have graduated to the $100 Black Jack table and are willing to play 4 hours per day, most Casinos will truly treat you as a V.I.P. by paying for ALL your expenses, such as airline tickets, rooms, gourmet meals, shows, limousine service etc.

However, should you be a consistent winner with this system at the $100 table, (with earnings averaging $3000 to $6000 per hour), there is a very good chance the casino management may consider you a professional player and may ask you to leave or take away the comps or both, at their option (it’s their casino). But you also have to remember that in order to play successfully Lucky Ike’s system at the $100 table, you must have a $20,000 bankroll. Or if you want to play there professionally, a $200,000 capital is needed.

With my system you have a very good chance of beating the Casinos at their game, win some money and get comped on top of it, if you keep it discreet.

There are a number of very good Casinos on the Internet that let you play just for fun with only play money involved. I suggest you validate my system and get plenty of experience this way first, before putting your hard earned money on a real table. The difference between On-line gambling and Live Casino gambling is the number of decks used on-line (6 to 8 decks in most cases), and all cards are shuffled after each hand, so counting is out of the question.

Ask your self a single question and try answering it as honestly as possible - How much money have you already wasted in casinos? Aren't you tired of that? Do you want to get revenge? Yes. Great!

We are offering you a UNIQUE WINNING STRATEGY that is PROVEN and allows you to WIN.

Have doubts? No. Then what are you waiting for? Take advantage of our GUARANTEED system. It is really that simple!

You are always in control of the situation, and, thanks to that, are increasing your winning advantage over the dealer.

The more the gain -the more pleasure from the game.

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