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Kennebec Valley Young Marine Sr. NonCommissioned Officers and Administration

Kennebec Valley Young Marines

The KVYM Sr. NCO's and Administration were asked to answer the following:

  • Name(last,first,m.i.)

  • D/O/B

  • Birth Place

  • Parent(s) Name(s)

  • School that you attend

  • Grade

  • Do you have animals

  • What type of animal

  • How long have you been in the Young Marines

  • What rank are you

  • Greatest achievement

  • What do you want to do after school

  • The Sergeant Major's answers were:

    Gagne, Ronald J
    Augusta, ME
    Sandra Patenaude and Ronald Gagne Sr.
    Cony High School
    Yes. A cat.
    7 years
    Sergeant Major e-9
    Everything that I have done as a Young Marine, with my long time best friend Master Sergeant Gregoire.
    A Recon Ranger/Sniper USMC

    The Master Gunnery Sergeant's answers were:

    Richards, Kasie L
    Augusta, ME
    Judith and Karl
    Erskine Academy
    Cats and Dogs.
    6 years
    Master Gunnery Sergeant
    Getting to the spot in life I am now. That I can appreciate everyone for who they are.
    8th Grade history teacher and get a Business Degree

    The First Sergeant's (my) answers were:

    Wing, Jason E
    Lewiston, ME
    George and Marsha
    Lewiston High School
    A 9 year old German Shepherd/Black Lab, a 3 year old German Shepherd, and a Black cat.
    6 years
    First Sergeant
    Staying in the Young Marines as long as I have and staying out of drugs and alcohol. Also I am a Cadet at the Winthrop Police Department which has helped me. And on September 27 of this year I signed my contract for the United States Marine Corps.
    I am signed up for the USMC and I am going to be doing Security Forces. After my initial 4 years I want to get my last 2 years for my bachelor's degree and join the State Police.

    The Master Sergeant's answers were:

    Gregoire, Michael C
    Nashua, NH
    Michael and Melissa
    Cony High School
    Doesn't apply.
    7 years
    Master Sergeant
    Everything I have done in the Young Marines with my longtime best friend Sgt. Maj. Gagne.
    I am going to the Army bootcamp June 20 for the reserves the summer of my senior year. Eventually become an Army recruiter.

    The Gunny's answers were:

    Robinson, Nyssa A.S.
    Augusta, ME
    Robin and Steve Robinson
    Kents Hill School
    Dogs, cats, horses.
    4 years
    Gunnery Sergeant
    Being awarded the Presidential Award for Academics at the end of my Freshmen year.
    Go to Annapolis, MD to the Naval Academy and join the USMC as an officer.

    The preceding was a list of questions answered freely, by each of the 5 KVYM Sr. NCO's.

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