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Princess Diana, Princess Diana:Memory of a Rose,Susan Maxwell Skinner,

Susan's personal memorial..
To the Princess..

In Memory of a Rose
For Susan Maxwell Skinner..

If I could paint her portrait..
Could I capture every pose..
And would the colors deep inside..
Reveal the gentle rose?
If I could write a sonnet..
Would I find the words to tell...
Of all the tender feelings..
Deep inside me dwell?
If I could sing a melody..
And joined an angel choir..
Could my joyful singing..
My deepest heartís desire?
If I could walk to heaven..
And see her one last time..
Would I see her as she was..
Or in..
Godís sweetest light divine?
I cannot paint her portrait..
My voice is filled with tears...
And walking up to heaven...
Wonít be for many years..
I cannot write a sonnet...
No words can I compose...
So Iíll just keep her in my heart..
In Memory of a Rose..

Maria Lindberg
Copyright 2004

Susan Maxwell Skinner..
And her
Journey of the Heart..
Genesis Foundation Fundraiser
Davenport Iowa

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